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    International WikiTv channels have started broadcasting their programmes on Troieshchyna Gymnsium's Wiki Platform! 
    Don't miss the most interes ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 599 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-10-02 | Comments (0)

    On 23 May the students of the 8 Grade (now the 9th) were having their English club meetings.

    One of the groups  were speking about their impressions of taking part in International Internet projects in 2011/2012. 


     Today the students have started creating the introductory page of the Ukrainian Channel on ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 725 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-09-06 | Comments (1)

    Dear teachers and students,

    Best congratulations on 1 September!
    May 2012/2013 be successful to you in opening new horizons of knowledge, love and understsanding.
    In 2011/2012 we did a lot together in mastering English using the best texbooks and the latest Internet technologies,
    meeting new friends - teachers and students from the USA and Canada - and cooperating with them in various projects:
    Category: Top materials | Views: 860 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-09-01 | Comments (0)


    If you have already come back from the sea, 

    from your dacha or from your grandparents' place in the village 
    and started getting a bit bored,
    I recommend you to visit Taras Shevchenko museum.
    A few days ago I was wandering around its rooms, standing for some time near the exhibits,
    reading and recollecting.
    Click on the link and read more of my thoughts about the museum.
    Category: Top materials | Views: 660 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-08-04 | Comments (0)

    It's a nice tradition to have English club meetings at our lessons of English at the end of each term.

    This last term of the year was not an axception in the 8th forms.
    Each class had their own plan for the 23rd of May.
    Enjoy the slideshow of their club meetings.
    8v: Amazing short videos on the Internet
    8a: Words games
    8b: Projects and new technologies discussion
    8g: Golden time of music
    < ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 761 | Added by: Ната | Date: 2012-05-24 | Comments (0)

     Time flies indeed!
    The Last 2012 Bell celebration and Graduation Party are already in the past.
    Yes ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 789 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-05-19 | Comments (1)

     Working with 13-15 year old  teenagers, whom I call the first generation of global teens, I have constantly been  looking for new ways of teaching English, so today, on 16 May 2012,   ... Read more »

    Category: Top materials | Views: 995 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-05-16 | Comments (1)

    Kansas City-Kyiv Skype Session II finished an hour ago. 

    (Why II? Because there was Kansas-Kyiv Skype Session I in December2011.)
    Summarizing their collaborative work at the international WikiTV project the students from Troyeshchyna Gymnasium, Kyiv, Ukraine, 
    and the students from Notre Dame de Sion High School, Kansas City, Missoury, the USA started the Skype session at 4.p.m. Ukrainian time, 
    8.a.m Kansas City time on 11 May 2012. 
    And the session lasted 55 minutes, 10 minutes longer than it had been planned
    because the students wanted to ask more and more questions.
    Category: Top materials | Views: 1929 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-05-11 | Comments (16)

    Ukraine, the USA and Canada continue taking part in the international WikiTV project launched by our Gymnasium in March 2012. 

    Troyeshchyna Gymnasium, Kyiv, Ukraine. Students of 8-9 grades. Teacher Nataliya Byzova. Ukrainian WikiTV Channel
    Notre Dame de Sion. Kansas City, USA. High School students. Teacher Lesa Childers. US WikiTV Channel
    < ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 1048 | Added by: Ната | Date: 2012-05-02 | Comments (0)

     Just click and watch!
    WikiTV Weekend Channel continues broadcasting its programmes!A short trip to some of the gymnasium's classrooms on Saturday is waiting for you!
    You can join our  WikiTV.
    How to j ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 696 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-04-30 | Comments (1)

    Have you been to London?

    Not yet!?
    You are sure to visit this breathtaking city shortly!
    Today just click on the link and watch "London Presentation" on Tuesday Channel WikiTV.
    The guests of the studio 313 are Taras, the student of 10 grade, who has been to London,
    his classmates and their teacher of English Ms Topalova.
    Diana ans Stasia are Tuesday WikiTV Channel  presenters.
    Category: Top materials | Views: 568 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-04-30 | Comments (1)

    Gymnasium's students have joined PenPalNews project and are partnered with students from Orchard Park Public School in Burlington, Canada.
    Gymnasium's students will study Canada and Canadian students will study Ukraine!
     external image 13%2B-%2B%25D0%25BA%25D0%25BE%25D0%25BF%25D0%25B8%25D1%258F.jpgNataliya Byzova (Kyiv, Ukraine)Shaun Else (Burlington, Canada)
                         ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 2886 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-04-15 | Comments (4)

    Hello everyone from 9-b and other forms!


    We really like Wiki TV and we have so many ideas!

    The next week our Friday WikiTV is  going to broadcast a game "What? Where? When?", but we need your help!
    Dear students and teachers, please take pаrt in this project :))) 
    If you like our  ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 1322 | Added by: Stasia_Stasia | Date: 2012-04-13 | Comments (2)

    We are becoming more popular! 

    Teachers from Kyiv and Kyiv region wanted to see how we can use new technologies in learning English.
    ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 721 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-04-08 | Comments (3)

    Attention to everybody! Welcome to American Channel on Wiki TV! since 2 April 2012!

    In April a new American Channel will start broadcasting its programmes  from Land 111 Wiki TV studio in Kansas, USA.
    Reporters, presenters and film operators are from Kansas Notre Dame de Sion High School.
    All Ukrainian Channels will continue broadcasting their programmes from Land 313 Wiki TV studio i ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 888 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-04-01 | Comments (4)

    Two years ago I started to translate English poems into the Ukrainian language under the pen-name Nataliya Bessonova

    (it's my mum's surname).
    It was an enjoyable process, and very soon I translated more than 50 poems of American and English poets.
    Two of them  were written by Shel Silverstein (1930-1999),
    a talented writer, poet,  musician and artist, who made pictures for his books.
    It was my pleasure to know that my translations of the poems "Rain" and "Sleeping sardines"
    were included in the first Ukrainian book of Shel Silversten's poems in Ukrainian. 
      ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 1018 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-03-26 | Comments (6)


    Our Tuesday TV channel is preparing a programme about fingerboarding. Stay with us on Tuesday,  27 March!

    After the holidays on 3 April the finalists are also invited to Land 313 Tuesday TV studio to take part in the Final competition.

    Posted by Tuesday TV presenter Diana Khrustaliova, photo taken by Nastya Zhulay

    The people in the photo are fingerskateboarders Yehor and Max.
    Category: Top materials | Views: 898 | Added by: Tenten | Date: 2012-03-22 | Comments (3)

    Some days ago 8a grade had an interesting English lesson!
    First our teacher Ms Byzova told us about the gymnasium's Charity Fund's present to our classroom: a projector and white screen- it's for our use of new Internet technologies in learning English. 
    We are so glad now! We already have a lot of ideas, but it's a secret )
    Also we want to make a small repairing in our classroom 313.
     It's rather chilly here in winter time, and we think about having  the windows changed and we want to have the ceiling painted.  

    We thought a lot, spoke together and to begin with, Dima wanted to measure th ... Read more »
    Attachments: Image 1 ·Image 2 ·Image 3
    Category: Top materials | Views: 1033 | Added by: Oksana_Levytska | Date: 2012-03-16 | Comments (5)

    Oxford Teacher's Club  started its work again on 15 March 
    at 69, Volodymyrska St (office 321) not far from Lev Tolstoy Metro station.
    Iryna Bogaievska, ELT Consultant for Kyiv and region Oxford University Press Ukraine, said that it was a special event for special teachers using ... Read more »
    Category: Top materials | Views: 2244 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-03-16 | Comments (4)

    4 WIKI TV channels have already started working.

    Will 9b's Friday channel be on since 9 March?
    The problem is that Friday channel team is on holiday. When at school they had some plans.
    We hope they will manage to broadcast the 1st programme on their channel.
    The site readers might recommend the Friday channel team what they would like to be filmed and then  shown on the channel on 9 March.
    Category: Top materials | Views: 590 | Added by: MsByzova | Date: 2012-03-08 | Comments (4)

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