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    Main » 2012 » May » 11 » Kansas City-Kyiv Skype Conference
    7:05 PM
    Kansas City-Kyiv Skype Conference

    Kansas City-Kyiv Skype Session II finished an hour ago. 

    (Why II? Because there was Kansas-Kyiv Skype Session I in December2011.)
    Summarizing their collaborative work at the international WikiTV project the students from Troyeshchyna Gymnasium, Kyiv, Ukraine, 
    and the students from Notre Dame de Sion High School, Kansas City, Missoury, the USA started the Skype session at 4.p.m. Ukrainian time, 
    8.a.m Kansas City time on 11 May 2012. 
    And the session lasted 55 minutes, 10 minutes longer than it had been planned
    because the students wanted to ask more and more questions.
    And what was the beginning like? The chair in the photo  is waiting for the first presenter, but  there is a problem: 
    we cannot see the American students, though they can see us.
    Soon the American teacher Lesa Childers repaired the video connection and our students  were rewarded with an open dialogue with the American students. Here are some of the topics the American students asked about: what careers our students would like to pursue, favourite food, summer plans, final exams, dating, partying, professional sport, prejudice etc.
    I am sure that my students will come back to the Gymnasium on Monday with bright impressions after the session
    having got the answers to their questions about different aspects of  life in the American school, about special places in Kansas City, 
    new technologies and projects in education, foreign languages as a means of communication, etc.
    And I expect them to write about their feelings in the comments.
    On Monday we are also  waiting for the video recording of the Skype session.
    In the photo below you can see the moment when our students are waiting for 1 minute while the American students are discussing the possible answer to one of the questions
     (That was a must for each  team to discuss the answer first)
    Katya in the photo  is waiting for the answer to her question  and Nikita (on the right) is waiting for the moment to continue taking the video.
    Thank you very much to our American partners from Notre Dame de Sion High  School,
    to the students  and their teacher Lesa Childers, for collaboration and  
    for this unique opportunity to communicate through the Skype.
    Category: Top materials | Views: 1929 | Added by: MsByzova | Rating: 5.0/2
    Total comments: 16
    1 MsByzova  
    1 Spam
    Click on the link and read farewell comments of the American students
    and post your comments there as well.

    2 Ната  
    1 Spam
    The session was great!
    Here is a present from Friday WikiTV to our American friends!

    3 olya_khodiuk  
    1 Spam
    I knew not a lot of information from this article, but I'm sure it was a great skype-session!
    I see smiles on every photo! So our students are really interested in the ptoject and they enjoy speaking with Americans. I can't wait to come to school on Monday! I want to know more about the session))))) clap first hands yahoo

    4 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    I think the students will add the information.)))

    5 Diana)  
    0 Spam
    It was great)

    6 Oksana_Levytska  
    1 Spam
    This skype conference was nice! It was interesting. I like it.
    I'm glad that I could come.)

    7 Katia Kovaliova 8-A  
    1 Spam
    Judging by the comments and photos the session was really cool)
    I'm sorry, I could not come because my parents had other plans. But, I want to thank all the participants in the Project. Thank you for your being with us, thank you for your filmed Broadcasts for us, thank you that you watched and commented on our Broadcasts.
    All of us were very intrerested to work with you, I hope this is not our last project.
    Best wishes, Katia*

    8 Tobi  
    0 Spam
    Thank you. The conference was great.It has been great to hear about your life.

    9 Timur  
    0 Spam
    It was very exciting and interesting!!Thank you so much!

    10 Angelina  
    0 Spam
    It was very interesting and exciting conference!
    The girls from Kansas are very nice. The questions were interesting.
    Thank you! biggrin

    11 Catherina Gaidai  
    0 Spam
    It was really cool day, I like it very much. And I hope it's repeat next year. smile

    12 Mari-anna  
    0 Spam
    It was a great skype session! Next year I want more time to speak with you! biggrin Because all was very quiqly on Friday! sad See you next year! cool flowers

    13 O_o(Chelovek)O_o  
    0 Spam
    I was very happy to talk with American children, and I hope, that we will continue our friendship in next year)))
    guitar heart hands ok

    14 Stacey Chernega  
    0 Spam
    The skype session was cool!)
    Everything was great, it was interesting to talk with Americans, and the atmosphere was very warm and nice))

    15 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    Isn't it amazing that it's so easy to communicate in our modern world.
    As a result, the Earth looks so small.
    I hope we will continue collaborating with the American students next year.
    Click on the link and read bye and see you soon comments of the Ukrainian students.
    Thank you to all!

    16 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    2 (beginning and end) video parts of the Skype Session are available on Weekend WikiTV.
    The 3rd part (middle one) is coming soon.

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