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    Main » 2017 » December » 9 » English Olympiad Goes on!
    9:19 PM
    English Olympiad Goes on!


    Today is a remarkable day in the life of Troyeshchyna district students.

    Today they've had the English Language Olympiad.

    Troyeshchyna Gymnasium Eight- formers participated in it for the first time.

    A good beginning makes a good ending.

    Remember - you are the best and we are proud of you!


    Views: 527 | Added by: MsSavchenko2 | Rating: 5.0/1
    Total comments: 13
    1 MsByzova  
    Well done! Good luck!

    Some more tasks for everybody who loves learning English:

    1. How many words from the picture above do you know?
    a) more than 10
    b) more than 20
    c) more than 30

    2. Here are some useful phrases below which can be used while speaking.
    Which phrase do you like most? Make up a sentence with this phrase.

    3. Can you offer your favourite  phrase for others to remember?
    Write the phrase... its explanation and an example.

    Have fun!

    2 MsByzova  
    I'd like to be the first to do the tasks.)

    1. c
    2. It takes a few minutes to post a comment.
    3. It's worth ... Use this phrase to say that some action is advisable.
    It's worth reading. (I advise you to read it)

    3 Okhrimchuk Ivan  
    0 Spam
    2.There's no need to go to school on Sunday
    3.I'm keen on... Use this phrase to say that you're interested in something
    I'm really keen on sport.(I'm interested in sport)

    4 MsByzova  
    If you have problems with annoying ads, just download uBlock Origin Extra !

    5 Andrii_Skorobahatko  
    0 Spam
    1. C
    2. I'm here to learn English
    3. I want... Use this phrase to talk about what you realy like.
    I want to get good humor at school.

    6 maria115502  
    0 Spam
    1. C
    2. I'd like to post this comment.
    3. I'm really interested in... Use this phrase to say about something you're really interested.
    I'm really intetested in music.

    7 Ira_Kolisnichenko  
    0 Spam
    2.It takes two days to release a new clip.
    3.I do not have any favourite phrase, but I will write a phrase that I've used very often.
    I really want.. Use this phrase when you really want something.
    I really want a photo with BTS.

    8 Dariia_Soskova  
    0 Spam
    2.I'd like to be a famous dancer in the future.
    3.I'm fond of... I like to do something very much.
    I'm fond of fishing. (I really like fishing)

    9 Anna Chepurna  
    0 Spam
    1 c
    2 I'd like to learn more english grammar.
    3 I'm interested in...Use this phrase to talk about something what you like.
    I'm interested in football.

    10 Buryi Artur  
    0 Spam
    1. C;
    2. English worlds and grammar;
    3. All phrase are excellent. I want go outside in lessons

    11 Roma  
    0 Spam
    2.English worlds and grammar
    3.I'm really interested in...for speaking

    12 Valeriia  
    0 Spam
    1. C
    2. I'd like a lot of English words and phrases.
    a) learning English;
    b) my lifestyle;
    c) follow your dream.
    3. For example: "The future belongs to those, who believe in beauty of their dreams." ("Майбутнє належить тим, хто вірить в свої мрії")
    "Follow your dream"

    13 Yegor_Dadiveren  
    0 Spam
    2.I liked learn english grammar;
    3.I'm interested in...speaking english and plat football

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