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    Main » 2017 » December » 3 » IEARN projects keep going!
    9:00 PM
    IEARN projects keep going!

    IEARN: Learn with the world, not just about it!


    • School! Is being a student boring or fun?

    Tastes differ, but 8-formers of our Gymnasium are sure that using English not only at the lessons can be easy and interesting.

    They are working on the Intrnational  DeNet. IEARN projects with students from a lot of countries,

    share their information about history, traditions, school life and facts about their personal fife.

    Students get used to working in a team, add ideas to complete a topic, suggest some thoughts.

    IEARN Places and Perspectives Circle (2017) encourages students to explore regional history, culture, government, and geography 

    by sharing their knowledge with people from different locations.

    Barry Kramer from the USA Suvarna Kuppa from India facilitate the Circle exchanges

    Teachers ------ Suvarna Kuppa ----- Hyperabad, India,

    Ambreen Mehboob ----- Qatar,

    Ashley Tullar----- United States,

    Natasha Belozorovich ----- Belarus,

    Fatemeh Mirkhosravi ----- Iran,

    Lian Yong Kung ----- Malaysia,

    Mendy Kanu ----- Sierra Leone,

    Nataliya Byzova, Tetiana Savchenko. Tetiana Pikush ------Ukraine,

    Daria Jelihovschii, Larisa Gubina, Grusca Dumitru ------Moldova

    At home and at lessons students place information or make a video.

    Working on the IEARN  site students can improve their language skills, overcome their fear to communicate in English.

    While looking at their work in class,I undrestand they are real friends and good members of the international team.

    They support each other, help to overcome difficulties.

    Even if tasks are not very easy at the beginning students are confused, but in some minutes they share their ideas

    and get real fun.They are so happy if they do well.

    And pay attention : they do that in English.


    23 October 2017


    Class SurveySMK Raja Ali


    Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


    27 October 2017

    Class SurveyBath


    Community Schools USA

    26 October 2017

    New School

    Children Foundation Of Technology

    Sierra Lione

    20 October 2017

    Class Survey

    Gymnasium №1

    Starye Dorogi Belarus


    20 October 2017

    Class Survey


    Pakistan International School,


    21 October 2017

    Class Survey

    Liceul Teoretic Mesterul Manole, 

    Causeni, s.Salcuta Moldova

    4th October 2017

    Places and Perspectives

    Learning Circle 1- Teachers


    9th October 2017

    Class Survey.


    Troyeshchyna Gymnasium.


    Kyiv. Ukraine


    11 October 2017

    Class Survey

    TH.L V. Alecsandri

    Falesti Scumpia, Moldova


    Category: Top materials | Views: 920 | Added by: MsSavchenko2 | Rating: 5.0/1
    Total comments: 12
    1 MsByzova  
    What a wonderful opportunity to collaborate, create, research,
    share opinions and become global teenagers.

    I must admit that I'm so happy that my students have been IEARN members on a regular basis since 2011
    in IEARN projects  2011-2017

    A Day in the life

    2 MsByzova  
    Rivers of the  world was a fantastic ecological project

    Students had discussions in classrooms and sent information to other schools

    Every student  could work in teams and chat  in person with their friends from around the world on line on IEARN platform.
    Students from different countries created their own projects.

    US project presentation 

    3 MsByzova  
    Enjoy the time of collaboration with the students of the world!

    4 Dmytro Maievskij  
    0 Spam
    I like this project because people from different countries of the world can get acquainted with each other.
    Get acquainted with the traditions of other peoples.
    A very good idea to make English lessons more interesting

    5 Dariia_Soskova  
    0 Spam
    I like IERN project because it gives an opportunity to share knowledge and experience with students from other countries, to give and receive assignments from them. With this project it is more interesting to learn English. This is a modern method of learning English.

    6 Yaryna_Slaba  
    0 Spam
    I never thought what I could get to know 140 countries with the help of English lessons.
    This wonderful project helps to get acquainted with 2 million students from other countries. with their traditions and culture.
    I also learn something about their lives.
    With this, I understand that English will be needed in my life.

    7 Ira_Kolisnichenko  
    0 Spam
    I very much like this project because 2 million students from 140 countries created their own project. Working on the IERN site I can improve my language skills because Lessons are taught in English.So this is a great site

    8 Ruslana_Shymohina  
    0 Spam
    I find that IEARN is very much needed to communicate and present videos to different countries. we can learn a lot of interesting facts about different nationalities, traditions, dishes, holidays, famous people, interesting places in different countries.

    9 Hanna Buslenko  
    0 Spam
    I really enjoy studying this program. After all, when we talk with peers from other countries, we not only learn English, but also learn familiar and interesting places in those countries in which they live.

    10 gengayden  
    0 Spam

    I enjoy working on our IEARN projects. That is a lot of fun and enjoyment.
    Every school from the IEARN group had to send us the project about how is it to be a person of their nationality.
    We have made our own project: "What does it mean to be an Ukrainian". That was a cool work for our class.

    11 MsPikush2  
    Few of us act alone in the real world. Most of things are done with the help of other people. And this project is a good chance for students to learn more about other countries in less time. I think it also helps them to practice skills like working on a deadline, staying organised or being patient. And if they are a bit nervous talking in front of a group this project will help them to become more comfortable with it .So in my opinion IEARN PROJECT is helpful, fun and successful.

    12 MsByzova  
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