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    Main » 2012 » December » 7 » Self-governing Day in the Gymnasium
    2:23 PM
    Self-governing Day in the Gymnasium


    Marianna Khomeriki and Zhenia Litus (10-B grade)

    as teachers of English in 9 G class

    Friday 7 December 2012

    Lesson Plan

    1. Let's check your reading task p48-49

    external image statue-of-liberty.jpgPC070303.JPG

    2.Split into 3 groups and present one story.


    3.Now think about the place in Ukraine which was atmospheric for you.

    external image andywarhol.jpg


    4.Let's check some grammar excercises (present perfect-past simple)WB p 43

    5.Let's do some grammar excercises on the sheets of paper

    (present simple - present continuous)

    6.Your marks for the lesson.

    7.What have we talked about today?

    8.Guess the contries we have visited.

    - &-&-

    external image 250px-Prahatyn.jpg

    - &
    external image snowdonia_wales_uk_photo_gov.jpg
    9. Students' feedback on Troyeshchyna.ucoz.com
    Category: Top materials | Views: 2211 | Added by: MsByzova | Rating: 5.0/1
    Total comments: 11
    1 Nikita  
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    I think it's good that older children teach younger!

    2 Artem Shchepets  
    0 Spam
    In my opinion, that day was fascinating! But,unfortunately, I wasn't at school that day sad

    3 Masha Sypchenko  
    0 Spam
    It's great! I think that this is really good to do something like this because it is very useful for children. Good luck))

    4 ys  
    0 Spam
    Good job! I would like to take part in this project but i'm to shy)

    5 Valeria Gomeniuk  
    0 Spam
    It was really good day and work of 10-B grade smile

    6 Olya Khodiuk  
    0 Spam
    It was a really nice day! And I was a teacher for 5 times!
    It was a bit difficult, but I just enjoyed the lellon and did my best!
    And I think Zhenia and Marianna were good teachers, because they prepared the material very well so their lesson was entertaining!

    7 Skillet  
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    8 Marianna Khomeriki  
    0 Spam
    Thanks for all your comments!Me and Zhenia are very pleased and thankful)Our lesson was really interesting and we think that 3 guys from 9-G form are very clever!They like learning English and we were very happy to be their teachers for 2 lessons!=*)
    As you all I love Self-governing Day!It was funny) biggrin

    9 Sofiia Voitiuk  
    0 Spam
    Unfortunately,I wasn't at the lesson because I was a teacher.I taught German and I like it)
    Guys told us,that girls were great!I'd like to be at this lesson

    10 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    I also think that the self-governing day gives students an opportunity to try on a profession of a teacher,
    which is both useful and entertaining. cool biggrin
    Here is a lesson plan, prepared by the students of 8-V class Kirill Lavrik and Aliona Kizlenko

    In the photo ypu can see the students of 10-b class working according to the plan. cool biggrin

    11 Zhenia Litus  
    0 Spam
    Thanks for all your comments, guys ! It is very nice of you.
    As for me, that day was difficult and busy, but interesting and exiting!
    I am looking forward to the next seld-governing day to try my hand again.
    You boys are active and hard-working pupils! It was easy to work with you.
    Thank you for a great expirience batman batman batman batman

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