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    Main » 2017 » December » 12 » Communication without Borders Round Table
    11:23 PM
    Communication without Borders Round Table

    What makes the school of the future? That was the key topic of the Communication without Borders Round Table held today in Troyeshchyna Gymnasium, which hosted students from the most active Kyiv's schools, participating in International projects. 

    Thank you to all the guests for the fascinating  meeting and sharing with us the most precious moments of their fantastic work (my special thank you to the boys who created the film about the school of their dream)

    Thank you very much to all the students of our Troyeshchyna Gymnasium  Dasha Shkulii, Nastia Chesnokova, Katia Svyrydenko, Ira Matviienko, Sonia Nosykhina, Nastia Ratkivska and Daryna Vernyhora who managed to show the enormous amount of creative work on the Internet that has been going on a regular basis for the last 10 years and which in fact started almost 25 years ago  with the advent of the Internet.

    Thank you to my colleagues from the Gymnasium Tetiana Pikush and Tetiana Savchenko, whose students were among the presenters as well,  for sharing the joy of participating in various projects.



    Our international Wiki Spaces online classroom,

    Troyeshchyna Land,

    WikiTV combined with  IEARN

    Deliberating in a Democracy,

    Future Learn and other platforms form an  object oriented dynamic language environment for learning English at school and from home computers, communicating and debating controversial topics with peers of the world and even taking courses at best universities of the world using smartphones wherever you are in the world.

     Thank you to my colleagues from other countries Sandra Fernandez (UK), Robert Liefels, Barbara Hermanson, Barry Kramer, Bill Meyers, Lesa Childers, Ashley Tullar (USA) Ambreen Mehboob (Qatar), Svetlana Abesadze, Natasha Belozorovich (Belarus), Fatemeh Mirkhosravi (Iran), Lian Yong Kung (Malaysia), Mendy Kanu (Sierra Leone), Daria Jelihovschii, Larisa Gubina, Grusca Dumitru (Moldova), Shaun Else (Canada), Zdravka Kostova (Bulgaria), Samina Naz, Musarat Anjum (Pakistan), Marie Touvron (France),  Vickie Liu, Margaret Chen (Taiwan), Anna Prieto( Argentina), Elizabeth Feeney (Australia) for the huge inspiration.).

    Thank you to everybody involved in organizing the event.

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    1 MsByzova  

    What is the school of your dream like?

    2 MsSavchenko2  
    School is the place, where I spend most of my time. 
    I think it must be a place, where everybody feels comfortable, warm and confident. 
    Lessons must be interesting, creative and friendly. 
    Everybody soul respect each other. 
    Senior students should elect their courses, then they will do better. 
    Students shoul work on different projects, it will encourage them to search for more information.[Reply]

    4 MsByzova  
    That's so true.
    Also, the school of the 21 century should help students grow up  at the time of globalisation, new technology and new attitude to cultural identity.
    To compete in today’s world, students need to be able to think critically. Therefore, deliberation of controversial topics should be part of their education.
    International projects should develop their creativity, collaboration, and understanding of  their position and perspectives in the world.

    3 Dariia_Soskova  
    0 Spam
    The school of my dreams is a school in which students are always  interested in learning something.
    The school in which all lessons are taught with the help of the Internet.
    The school where it is possible to come without a school uniform.
    And so that the studying process could start at 10 am and end at 2.30

    5 Dmytro Maievskij  
    0 Spam
    My dream school is a school in which you want to go even on vacation.
    The school in which each lesson is not only cognitive, but also entertaining.
    The school has no 7, 8 lessons, but there are only 5, sometimes 6 lessons per day.
    And that each student had his own opinion and did not smoke in the toilets, did not use bad words ....

    6 Yaryna_Slaba  
    0 Spam
    The school is part of my life now. And I really would like it to be cozy. I want us to be able to study in free form, this will not change our knowledge, but we will feel more comfortable. I really want to chosse subjects that we want to study. It would also be cool to have a locker in which everyone could lay their books.

    7 Ira_Kolisnichenko  
    0 Spam
    In my dream the school should be of interest to those who are learning there is very important.
    The phone can be used on lesson.
    The studying process could at 11am and end at 5pm.
    And Less of homework.
    This my school of dreams.

    8 Sofia_Korol  
    0 Spam
    The school of my dreams is a school in which homework is 2 times less. School in which there is no school uniform. School in which classes begin at least at 9:30 or 10 am. Lessons should be interesting and amicable.

    9 Ruslana_Shymohina  
    0 Spam
    I see my school of dreams like that. So that students choose their own schedule as they wish, so that there are no grades. and for example, the letters were received by the children as they were studying, and also that in my school there was an arbitrary form, and also that for everyone it was comfortable. I think that we spend the most part of our lives for studying, so we need to make sure that each student is comfortable in school.

    10 Volodymyr_Boiko  
    0 Spam
    In my dream school should be more interesting.
    The phone can be used in subject.
    In the school can be used new technology.
    I want to interesting people in lessons.
    And less of homework

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