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    Main » 2011 » March » 17 » What about baking a birthday cake?!!!)))
    8:31 PM
    What about baking a birthday cake?!!!)))
    Do you remember what you were doing in May 2010?


    Pupils of 7-B (now 8-B) and 7-G (now 8-G) forms and our teachers with the help of Mr Tasker from ETRC


     started "Troyeshchyna" Gymnasium site as part of the Ukrainian-American project
    on using new Internet technologies in learning English! 




    So, we are going to celebrate the 1st Birthday of the site soon!!!


    The more ideas we had, the more interesting it was to work on the project!





                       Denys Petrenko: getting ready for the interview,




                                     Ella Yevtushenko, Natalia Derevianko: taking an interview ,









    Victor Blonsky,  Andriy Lavrynchuk, Bohdan Hirenko, Zhenia Babiy, Serhiy Zahorny:




    always ready to take photos, to surf the site pages











                                  Anna Alenkova , Angelika Kryvotko, Katya Keranchuk: before an interview




                 Click and read All the interviews 








    Maryna Stepaniuk, Ann Slaboshpytska, Lidiya Chorna: at one of the presentations




    and a lot of others (it would be a very long list if we wrote all the names)...



    Now moderators of this site are:
    Ella Yevtushenko (8-B) - Dzvinka
    Denys Petrenko (8-B) - Den 135
    Sergei Sagorny (8-B) - Ichigo
    Viktor Blonsky (8-G) - vZooM
    Maryna Stepanyuk (8-G) - Emotions
    Ann Alenkova (8-G) - Anusishok
    Lidiya Chorna (8-G) - LidicaBlack
    Anzhela Kryvorotko (8-G) - Anzhela

    We personally liked doing homework on the Internet .
    Click on the link and you can see our internet workbooks.



    Shool Uniform 




     7th form pupils don't leg behind, they have created online "Clean Land" newspaper




    In the Menu of our site you can also see :

    Creativity (songs, poems , pictures, stories and more interesting things)

    Our World (interesting information from the Internet)

    During the year we visited The City of Forum. There we talked about our new technologies group,



    voted for Eurovision winners in the poll-----> "Troyeshchyna" gymnasium Eurovision contest

    It was very important to create something really cool, attractive, but you have to present your project.




    And we did it!




    January : Presentation in the American house




    February : Presentation in the Gymnasium for 8 and 9 forms



    February:Presentation for 7 and 8 forms



    March : Presentation for the Gymnasium administration.



    The director of studies Kateryna Petrivna Ushchapivska attended our presentation.



    Enjoy surfing our site!


    We would like everybody who has worked on the site or just visited it , please share your impressions!


    Everybody is invited to taste our site first Birthday cake soon!=))))))


    Posted by freelance journalists Marianna Khomeriki and Kate Gaidai , 8-B .

    Category: Top materials | Views: 2167 | Added by: Mari-anna | Rating: 5.0/1
    Total comments: 12
    1 Mari-anna  
    0 Spam
    Oh!Very-very nice photos!Thank you very much! angel2

    3 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    Yes, Marianna. Very nice photos. Thank you for posting the material.

    The photos and your material remind me of the first days when we were planning the first steps of our site on a sheet of paper. biggrin cool

    I am proud of all the students who have participated in this project. Thanks to them all, the site has turned into the portal of freelance journalists.

    5 Mari-anna  
    1 Spam
    Yes!And it is very good!Hope that all will like our material. biggrin

    2 Mari-anna  
    0 Spam
    All is Ok now!Don't worry! biggrin

    4 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    A good job!!! cool

    6 Mari-anna  
    0 Spam
    band Thank you!

    7 Sun  
    0 Spam
    smile I like this photo)

    8 Anna  
    1 Spam
    Very nice photos!)))
    All pupils are the best!))
    I understand, that I want more work with all students biggrin

    9 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    Join other students any time you wish.
    You may comment materials. What is more, why not start posting your own ones?! cool biggrin

    10 MsPikush  
    0 Spam
    Congratulations! How young we were!
    And how clever we are!!!

    11 Anusishok  
    0 Spam
    I think that we should raise money and buy a big-big cake.
    There should be a candle in the form of "1".
    Gather in the auditorium (those who attended classes) or Conference room (I'm not sure that we climb back)
    And to celebrate.
    We can think of some competitions. Music. Eurovision finalists and we still sing some songs.

    12 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    The idea about competitions is very interesting.
    One of the competitions might be who knows the answers to the questions from GYMNASIUM NEWS or OUR WORLD etc.

    Inviting Eurovision winners is cool! cool biggrin

    As for the cake, it sounds delicious!!! biggrin

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