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    Main » 2017 » October » 5 » Wiki TV 2017-2018 is on!
    4:29 PM
    Wiki TV 2017-2018 is on!

    Hello everybody,
    Wiki TV is starting its 7th year soon. What a lucky number!)))
    So, I am thankful to ALL the teachers and students for the fantastic time spent  together.

    Interviewing Eurovision finalist

    The goal of Wiki TV project is to encourage students from all over the world to share their life experience in video programmes and comments to programmes on different countries' channels

    Can you believe it? - More than 100  Wiki TV programmes from different countries have been created since the school year 2011-2012!

    2017-2018 Ukrainian Channel

    2016-2017 Ukrainian Channel  
    2015-2016 Ukrainian Channel 
    2014-2015 Ukrainian Channels 
    2013-2014 Ukrainian Channels 
    2012-2013 Ukrainian Channels 
    2011-2012 Ukrainian Channels 
    Challenge 20/20 EcologicalChannel
    YouthCaN Ecological Channel
    Deliberating in a Democracy
    Channel 2016-2017

    Exam Tips Channel!

    8 A Form Channel



    8 V Form Channel



    8 G Form Channel

    US Channel: Lafayette,
    US Channel Kansas City, 
    Canadian Channel:
    Burlington, Ontario
    A Day in the Life Channel
    French Channel
    Taiwanese Channel 2: Kaohsiung
    Taiwanese Channel 1: Pingjen
    Bulgarian Channel:Strazhitsa
    Pakistanian Channel

    Studio in Belarus

    Schools: Troyeshchyna Gymnasium /Notre Dame de Sion High School/ Orchard Park Public School/ Strazhitsa school/ Trilport School/Alexander Dawson School/Taoyuang Municipal Pingjen Senior High School/Vitebsk school 46/CEI San Ignacio/ Dubbo college/
    Beaconhouse School System, Steel Town Branch

    Teachers: Nataliya Byzova, Denys Byzov, Tetiana PikushTetiana SavchenkoLarysa Topalova (Kyiv,Ukraine), Lesa Childers (Kansas, USA) Shaun Else (Burlington, Canada) Zdravka Kostova (Strazhitsa, Bulgaria), Samina Naz, Musarat Anjum (Karachi, Pakistan), Marie Touvron (Trilport, France), Bill Meyers,Kelly Kohlhagen, Greg Hansen(Lafayette, USA)/ Vickie Liu (Pingjen Taiwan), Margaret Chen (Kaohsiung Taiwan), Svetlana Abesadze (Vitebsk, Belarus), Anna Prieto(Junin de la Andes, Argentina), Elizabeth Feeney (Dubbo, Australia)

    8 Grade. Here we are again!

    8 Grade. Favourite music

    Lots of gratitude to Bill Meyers and the students from Alexander Dawson School (USA) who have been our partners since 2012

    Meat Changes Climate?!

    Ukraine. Shale Gas Extraction

    Memories are the thing that can never be taken away from us

    Teenage Fashion in Ukraine

    New children will become my students in September.

    Welcome to  Wiki TV 2017-2018!

    Enjoy the global world of English!

    Meet new friends online!

    Have fun!

    Best wishes,
    Nataliya Byzova
    Kyiv, Ukraine

    P.S. This is a video of 2011-2012 school year when Wiki TV was launched.

    Category: Top materials | Views: 1000 | Added by: MsByzova | Rating: 5.0/1
    Total comments: 8
    1 Yehor_Horlenko  
    0 Spam
    In my opinion WikiTV is a modern and interesting project. What can I say about "Quest in the park"?
    It's interesting and good time to learn English.
    I think, time, which we are spendidng on WikiTv and in different Quset helps us to learn the English language.

    2 Ira_Kolisnichenko  
    0 Spam
    I think WikiTV is a unique site, because if you are not in school we can looke what they do at the lesson. In WikiTV we have a project in which we communicate with different countries. I like WikiTV.

    3 Yaryna_Slaba  
    0 Spam
    It's a good idea to create a website that is dedicated to learning English.
    Especially interesting to look at the classes that were before.
    This is the site where there is a place for each student.
    Wiki TV facilitates and helps with study.

    4 Dmitro Maevskij  
    0 Spam
    In my opinion its a very interesting idea.
    Because people can communicate, share interesting facts about their countries.
    Thank you who created this site

    5 Dima_Korshak  
    0 Spam
    wiki tv.1.good videos make classes for veiwing.2.interesting work with foreign countries.3.all this looks very unusual. Korshak

    6 Dariia_Soskova  
    0 Spam
    Wiki tv is a very cool site.
    It's a site with interesting and unusual homework and school lessons.
    The site contains all the necessary information for pupils and is available at any time.

    7 Dariia_Shkulii  
    0 Spam
    WikiTV is a very interesting platform. There we make projects, which we will send to other countries-members of our platform. This is the first time, when I work with such a platform and I like it so much! Sometimes, I don’t want to make a video, when I must talk, because I’m very shy. But I hope, that this platform can help me with this problem!

    8 MsByzova  
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