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    Main » 2017 » September » 4 » Have a good start! Why do you need to learn English?
    4:50 PM
    Have a good start! Why do you need to learn English?
    Have a good start!
    Have a good start of the happiest school year in the best gymnasium, in the friendliest team.
    And may there be SO!!
    This year, we continue  working on the project about our gymnasium in a new mix of talented and smart students of the 8-A, 8-G and 8-V forms.
    I hope that for all of us it will be interesting and useful.
    The first topic for discussion is the following: '' WHY DO WE NEED TO LEARN ENGLISH?
    Could you share your thoughts?
    Enjoy your first discussion on Troyeshchyna Gymnasium Land.
    Best wishes,
    Ms Pikush, Ms Savchenko, Ms Byzova
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    Total comments: 37
    1 MsByzova  
    The students are invited to post their comments here.

    20 egorgorlenko  
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    I like English it's interestin, wonderful and not difficult language. English help me in future in work. I can talk with people from everybody country. English it's national language in all world. This language talk most of the presidents.

    2 rootik2004  
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    Hi, my name is Sasha. I am trying to learn English at school because I need it in the future. I
    will speak English: abroad, at work, in the future I will be teaching
    my children.

    3 MsByzova  

    4 maria115502  
    0 Spam
    Hi, I am Mariia. I need to learn English, because it is my childhood dream. In the future, I want to go abroad and find friends there. I would like to have friends from English-speaking countries. I thing, one day my dream will become a reality.

    5 Ruslana_Shymohina  
    0 Spam
    My name is Ruslana. I like English language because it's interesting exciting and wonderfull . I will need English for working abroad in the future . And also to travel to different cities and countries. To learn a lot of new information in English it's easier to chating with friends from other countries.

    6 Ira_Kolisnichenko  
    0 Spam
    HI,my name is Ira.I love English because it is very fun and cognitive.I study English it will help to my career. For example: I want to work abroad to gain experience and do business in Ukraine.

    7 Dariia_Soskova  
    0 Spam
    Hi,my name is Dasha.I need to learn English,because it's very interesting.English is international language,it is knownin all countries of the world,because it is needed in order to have a good job,the opportunity to travel,communicate with people in any country of the world.

    8 Sofiia_Korol  
    0 Spam
    Hi, my name is Sonya. I need to learn English because it's fun and very interesting. when you know English you can work abroad, communicate with people from other countries and quietly travel. You can have friends from other countries.

    9 MsSavchenko2  
    0 Spam
    Hi everybody. Enjoy the beginning of your school year.

    10 dshkuliy11  
    0 Spam
    Hey, my name is Dasha. I like learning English because it is interesting and useful. English gives an opportunity to find a good job and friends around the world. I think that English is very important in nowadays. It is a guide to the "big world". You can go to study or work wherever you want.

    11 MsByzova  
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    12 sviridenkokate  
    0 Spam
    Hello,my name is Katya.I am Ukrainian.I learn English for six years.English isn't lesson, it is life for me.In the future, i want to study in England.There are a lot of good univercities, thats why i must know English language.

    13 Julia_Iushchenko  
    0 Spam
    Hi, my name is Julia. I need to learn English because I understand that I can use it in my future work. If you know English you can speak with people from other countries and study in prestigious college , get high education.

    14 Olga_Dragomeretska  
    0 Spam
    Hi, my name is Olga. I like to learn English. It isn't only interessting and exiting but also very important for my future. While travalling, with English there are more ways to communicate with different people from other countries. Learning English also gives possibility to get more successful job in future.

    15 Olya_Zanko  
    0 Spam
    Hi, my name is Olya.I need to learn English, because I know that it is useful to me in life. I want to feel confident in any country and situation. In the future I will need English in my career. with English I can develop myself.

    16 andersnskorobagatko  
    0 Spam
    Hallo, my name is Andrey. I am from Ukraine. I learn English from first class. I learn it because this is international language. I love this language. Because it is easy. I will use it at my work. I like travel so this language helps me to speak with people from different countries.

    17 slabayarina  
    0 Spam
    I am Yaryna. I am learning English, because it will help me in the future.
    At the moment , this language is very necessary for everyone. But,
    English is needed not only for work. I will be able to travel around the
    world and read books and watch movies on English language.
    So if you know English, then there are many opportunities open to you.

    18 anytacomua872  
    0 Spam
    Hello!My name is Anna.I'm learning English because I want to study abroad and, maybe, live there. Also, I've got friends in England and USA. One more reason for learn English this is what it's fun, interesting and very important to communicate with other people. For example, my aunt more than seven years studys and lives abroad

    19 e.vozniukk  
    0 Spam
    Hi, my name is Elizaveta and i study in 8-V. I study English about eight years, and I think it will help me in the future. If I travell abroad I will make new friends there. Every Enlish lesson in our school brings me new interesting information for all differents topics, and also experience in this language. Thanks for your teachers!

    21 goro  
    0 Spam
    Hi, my name is Zhenya. I'm learning English because it's useful for my future. It is very important to understand people from different countries. I believe that English is important to me.

    22 tetiana savchenko  
    0 Spam
    A good beginning! Enjoy communicating with friends using English. It`s a fantastic chance to improve your skills. HAPPY TO MEET YOU!

    23 mihandertrolka  
    0 Spam
    [size=16]I am Misha.I learn english for programing and to know english terms.Of course i need to learn english to speak with people from other countries.

    24 liza5328618  
    0 Spam
    Hi! My name is Liza .I love speak English .It's really useful and interesting language .If you study English you will travel aboard to the another country and in the future you will have a good job .Thanks to our teachers who help us smile

    25 Bohdan "Galaxy" Dolhyi  
    0 Spam
    Hello everyone!My name's Bohdan and I love speak English.It's easy,useful and interesting.I want to be someone,who will make a history,so I am here!Thanks to our teachers,you make us cleverer!

    26 Sopfiia Voloshyna  
    0 Spam
    I want know English language , because I want live abroad . If you want have a good job , you must know two languages : English , German or French . English is international language . English language is widespread in all Europa . Learn English very interesting . When you study English , you provide yourself good job and good life .

    27 Artem  
    0 Spam
    HI I'm Artem and i learn English because it is sometimes cool.English is the most important language in 2t17. We need English to travel for Europe.English is now one of the main subjects in external independent word. Our teachers help us learn English, and we say thank you for everything!!!!! :) :) :)

    28 dimakorshak04  
    0 Spam
    Hi,my name is Dima.I thinki must learn English because it is needed in later life: in work,in sport,abroad.
    And English will help you find new friends.
    I will speak English in future.

    29 Hanna  
    0 Spam
    Knowledge of English gives us many opportunities. Because English is recognized as an international language in many countries around the world. This language is spoken not only by ordinary citizens but also by scholars who in various fields of science.

    30 Sofia_Grabovska  
    0 Spam
    Hi, my name is Sofia.I think, we need to learn English to listen to music and watch videos. Also knowing English increase the chances of finding a good job. Mareover it helps to express our thoughts freely in English and acquire the skills of communication. Learning languages is my hobby and it is interesting.

    31 wesalen2004  
    0 Spam
    ;I think, English is very important nowadays.
    English is a language of digital technologies and even, we can say, it's an international language.
    As for me, I need English to communicate with other people in online games, to do shopping online on foreign sites.
    Also, I need English to understand people all over the world. And it's more interesting to watch films and cartoons or read books in original language.
    It's my own oppinion, What about YOU?

    32 mawagrygorieva  
    0 Spam
    Why must we study English?
    Perhaps now it is the most common question both for children and for adults. 
    I think, English language is the most usefull in the world. Everybody need to know it.
    I should study English for the next reasons:
    a) One of my dreams is to visit different countries. English is the international language. To travel a lot I must study it.
    b) I must know English also for my future work.
    c) I also like watching films in English.
    Finally, i enjoy it.

    33 vova  
    0 Spam
    Hello My name is Vova I like to learn English He likes me and he is very interesting when I grow up I will work in English

    34 Anna Volkova  
    0 Spam
    Why we need to learn English language?
    Now English is the most popular in the world. In every school it's studied like a mandotory language. Also it's given on the exams, like mandotory subject. In the future every job will be linked with English. And if you won't learn it your life will be hard.

    35 Anna Hazova  
    0 Spam
    Why we must learn English?
    Firstly, we must learn English so thatwe have a good job and receive a good salary.Secondly,if we go abroad and we don't know English we won'y be able to understand it because mot of the people on planet speak English.And finally,we need to learn English to find friends not only in Ukraine.

    36 Denys_Nykytenko  
    0 Spam
    I like English it's interestin, wonderful and not difficult language. English help me in future in work. I can talk with people from everybody country. English it's national language in all world. This language talk most of the presidents.

    37 MsByzova  
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