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    Main » 2015 » February » 19 » "The Red-Headed League" on Gymnasium's Stage!
    0:04 AM
    "The Red-Headed League" on Gymnasium's Stage!

    Do you like adventure stories?

    Are you Sherlock Holmes's fan?

    Then you are welcome to the performance "The Red-Headed League" by Conan Doyle, which is going to be presented  by the students of 8 "E" class  in the Gymnasium's Assembly Hall at 11.15 am on 19 February 2015!

    Stage directors: N.Byzova, T.Savchenko, L.Shabaieva

    Don't miss your chance!

    Be ready to answer the questions:

    1. What kind of books are those written by Conan Doyle?
    2. Who is one of the main characters of Doyle's stories?
    3.Where did Holmes live in London?
    4. Who's Holmes' best friend?
    5.What kind of worker did the League need?
    6. When did the League invite a new man?
    7. How much could the red-headed man get for his job?
    8.What job did the red-headed man have to do for the League?
    9. Which time of the day did the man have to work?
    10.How long did Wilson work?

    P.S. You will also be able to see a short version of the film about Sherlock Holmes in 22nd century!

    What does Wilson do in the Red-Headed League in the 22nd century?

    What business does he start then?

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    Total comments: 13
    1 MsByzova   [Entry]

    What does Wilson do in the Red-Headed League in the 22nd century?

    What business does he start then?

    2 MsByzova   [Entry]
    Thank you to the students of the 8-E class for the wonderful performance!
    You are the best!

    The video of your first night is coming soon.
    Thank you to the audience for the warm support!

    Wating for your answer to the question "
    What business does Wilson start in 22nd century?"
     and for your feedback!

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    3 Diana, 9-A   [Entry]
    I watched the performance about Sherlock Holmes yesterday.
    It was a great show, which tells about the Red-Headed League.
    I had already read this story, so I was really enjoying it, when I was watching .

    It is the story, wich tells about the excellent detective Sherlock and his best friend Watson.
    They have a lot adventures and one of them is the case about the Read-Headed League.
    One day Mr. Wilson comes to Holmes. He tells him about an interesting event, which he has,and asks the detective to help.
    And Holmes agrees.

    In my opinion, the best characters are Holmes and Watson, because all actors, who played them, played brilliantly.
    Also, I liked the presenters. They spoke loudly and distinctly, so everyone in the hall could hear them.
    I like the actors' costumes. They were simple, but they helped us to know who was who.

    I think, the performance was fascinating.
    There were also comedy situations.
    So, I liked it and enjoyed everything!
    Thank you!!!
    Answer: yahoo

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    4 Andrew_Gupalo   [Entry]
    Hello guys,
    Well, in the beginning I want to tell you that you have made huge work. I'm admiring you!
    The performance that you showed us on Thursday was a big step in your evolution of English.
    Of course, it is not an amateur theater, you are beginners and on the scene for your level of acting you were looking great.
    But on the other hand, you must work on your speaking. There was sooo much of the Ukrainian accent and it was a minus.
    In general, I am satisfied. My respect to you.

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    5 Ilona Chornoivanenko, 9-A   [Entry]
    When 4 days ago I wached the perfomance called "The Red- headed league" by Arthur Conan Doyle, I was really impressed.
    I think that the fact that men's roles were played by girls was really fascinating and extraordinary.
    This part of the performance was the most intresting for me.
    I like it because nobody was left without his/her favourite role.
    Of course, the performance was interesting too, because I like stories about Sherlock Holmes, and it was new for me, because I had never heard about it earlier.

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    6 Sasha Kuksa,9-A   [Entry]
    A few days ago I watched a performance called ''The Red-headed league''.
    It is a detective story.
    The main characters are Sherlock Homes,Dr.Watson and Wilson,who were played by pupils of the 8 grade.
    The acrors' skill was great.
    They showed the plot greatly.
    The costumes were close ro natural.
    Every student played his part amazingly.
    The soundtrack was breathtaking.
    So I really like this performance.
    It is cool!
    Thank you very much!
    I would like to see this show again.

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    7 Diana_Marchenko   [Entry]
    A few daysago  I watched a perfomance about Sherlok Holmes and his friend Watson.
    There is such a book.And it was writen by Arthur Conan Doyle, and named "Sherlock Holmes and the red-headed league ".
    It was interesting for me, because there were many main characters.
    Also there were many Sherloks Holmes and Watsons, and it was very fine.
    Presonters talked very interestingly and clearly.
    In the 8-e class, everyone who wanted to take part in this perfomance, played in it.
    I think that the children who perfomed it, are really talented and I really like their perfomance,
    because everything was clear and fascinating.
    I think that everybody like it, because there were a lot of decorations and clothes.
    Actually we were watching the film after perfomance.
    It was good, that I come there.
    Thank you.

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    8 Oleksiy_Teterya,8-E   [Entry]
    Thank youfor comments.:)
    Mr. Wilson does open a restourant in 22 century

    10 MsByzova   [Entry]
    The answer is incomplete! whistling Listen to the end of the film again and post the final variant. respect

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    9 Viola Vlasova   [Entry]
    Hi guys,
    I can see ''The Red-headed league''.
    The children presented their amazing actor skills.
    The main actors Sherlock Homes,Dr.Watson and Wilson showed the complex plot.
    The costumes were different!
    I was surprised that the students of only 8 Grade played such very hard roles.
    At the start of the perfomance they informed us about Conan Doyle.
    It was very nutty information.
    We were shown part of the film in the end of performance.
    Also we answered the questions.
    Finally, I can say that story of Sherlock Homes attracts every reader.
    So, thank you for this performance!
    It was an amazing time!

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    11 Vlad_Rempinskiy   [Entry]
    The perfomance was really exciting , and actors played very well smile

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    12 Vadim Yeliseyev, 11-V   [Entry]
    This perfomance was amazing. I hope 8-E students will do more performances like this.
    By the way, In 22 Century Wilson starts his own Red-headed league.
    There he helps other red-headed people.

    13 MsByzova   [Entry]
    A good job, Vadym!
    That's the correct answer. A "12" goes to you!!!!
    specool respect

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