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    Main » 2011 » February » 24 » The interview with Eurovision winners!
    9:26 PM
    The interview with Eurovision winners!
    Today Tetyana Mykolayivna Kondratenko greeted all the winners  of "Troyeshchyna" Eurovision
     and presented the 1st prize award to Ella Yevtushenko.
      "Troyeshchyna" gymnasium freelance journalists interviewed the winners of Troyeshchyna Eurovision 2011!
    After greeting the winners we asked them some questions:
    1. Did you worry when you sang alone?

    2. Is it better to sing in a duet?

    Ella: I'm used to singing alone.
    Roma: I was nervous, but i think it is better to sing alone)
    Natasha: I felt a bit nervous too, but I also think it is better to sing alone.
    Vlad: It is better to sing in a duet.
    Sasha: I didn't worry.
    Alina: I didn't worry, I think it is better to sing alone.

    3. What musical instrument do you play?

    Ella: A violin, a guitar, a piano.
    Roma: A harmonica.
    Natasha:Don't play any.
    Vlad: A guitar.
    Sasha: A guitar, a piano.
    Alina:Don't play any.

    4. Who do you associate yourself with?
    Ella:Difficult to say, I want to be a personality.
    Roma:Dima Bilan.
    Natasha: Ani Lorak
    Sasha:Elvis Presley

    5.What is your impession of "Troyeshchyna" Evrovision 2011?

    Ella:It was interesting and unusual.
    Roma: Eurovision is the best!
    Natasha: It was interesting.
    Vlad: I liked it.
    Sasha:I like to sing and perform on the stage.
    Alina:This is the best concert!
     Best wishes to the winners!

    Posted by Masha Sypchenko, Nikita Popov, Andrey Subotin.
    The photos were taken by Katia Tashuta and Ms Byzova
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    Total comments: 9
    1 MsByzova  
    1 Spam
    Congratulations to the winners!!!

    Ella Yevtushenko!!!
    Roma Levyk!!!
    Nataliya Berdychevska!!!
    Vlad Zibarev and Yulia Chusina!!!
    Sasha Fastovets!!!
    Alina Nikonchuk!!!

    band :band: band
    flowers :flowers: flowers :flowers: flowers :flowers:


    A special thank you to the journalists for the material! cool respect

    2 Dzvinka  
    1 Spam
    thank you happy

    and to the journalists too)

    4 MsByzova  
    1 Spam
    Masha Sypchenko also writes Ukrainian poems.

    Mery's poems

    I hope one day she starts writing English poetry.

    cool biggrin

    3 MsByzova  
    1 Spam
    Click on the link and listen to

    The songs of the winners

    guitar music music music serenade specool whistling

    5 MsPikush  
    1 Spam
    congratulations to the winners!

    6 Nastasia  
    1 Spam

    7 Diana Khrustaliova  
    1 Spam


    8 Anusishok  
    0 Spam
    thanks for the interview, very interesting. smile
    The winners, thank you for their performance.
    We got a lot of fun, even though no luck in the voting.
    You are all winners.
    Do not relax, keep it up!

    9 Angelika  
    0 Spam
    Thank you, very interesting interview.
    Very good idea to interview participants of Eurovision.

    Thank you) smile :)

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