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    Main » 2010 » October » 21 » School uniform.To be or not to be.
    5:41 PM
    School uniform.To be or not to be.
    It is not a secret, that the problem of a school uniform is discussed in every school. The majority of schoolchildren have negative attitude to wearing a uniform.
    "-” Pupils do not want to lose their individuality, to hide it behind frameworks of a strict school uniform. Besides, some school uniforms are very formal looking and may take a lot of looking after. Skirts or formal pants are not good for doing sport or running around at lunchtime or recess. School uniforms are rarely fashionable. You can get fed up of wearing the same old things every day. You get into trouble if you don't wear uniform.
    "+” But there are also good things about school uniform. You don't have to worry about what to wear on a school day. You know that everyone else will be wearing school uniform. You can save your 'good' stuff for nights and weekends. You can sell or buy second-hand uniform at the school. It promotes equality because everyone has to wear the same.
    The majority of Russians 64 % consider that it is necessary to wear a special form of clothes at schools. The opposite point of view is shared by only 31 %. More often women are for the introduction of a school uniform - 77 %. 43 % of the interrogated are sure that the state decision on introduction of a school uniform at all schools of Russia should be accepted.
    15 % of people think that it is a head of school or regional authorities (13 %) should decide to wear or not to wear a uniform. Only 12 % of the interrogated consider that parents should make a decision on, whether their child will learn in a school uniform.
    What is your point of view?
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    1 MsPikush  
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    I suppose you should wear special clothes at school. I agree with that reasons you have given. But in my view you may have one day a week( or a month) free of school uniform.

    2 MZJ  
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    I agree it would be good if we have one day a week for free uniforms! "A day without jackets and shirts, just jeans and T-shirt or sweater! Who agrees with me?) biggrin [color=blue]

    3 Stasia_Stasia  
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    I agree it would be good if we have one day a week for free uniforms!

    I agree with it! biggrin

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