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    Main » 2013 » February » 1 » Remembering Sara Teasdale
    12:26 PM
    Remembering Sara Teasdale
    On 30 January the students of the 10 B linguistic class 
    remembered  Sara Teasdale an American poetess, 
    by reciting their own translations of her poems. 
    There was a feeling as if a beautiful butterfly touched everybody's shoulder.
    The Wiki TV programme about the literary parlour is coming soon on Wiki TV.
    Here is some feedback fromv  the meeting which was called 
    "Remembering Sara Teasdale Literary Parlour"
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    1 Catherine Gaidai  
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    This day was really fascinating for me.
    I think Sara Teasdale wrote very good poems about her life and love.
    And one of them which I had  translated was "After parting".
    I felt myself like a poet!
    And I hope that soon we create our book with Ukrainian translations.
    Thanks to my teacher for this magnificent project!

    2 Marianna Khomeriki  
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    This lesson I will remember all my life.
    Sara Teasdale was very talanted, her poetry is brilliant and Americans can be proud of her!
    I think I will translate her poems more and more in future)
    It's great that all of us can understand Sara Teasdale feelings because we have been  reading her poems.
    Waiting for other translations of my classmates in May smile

    3 Ira Vasylenko  
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    It was a special day for everybody of us.
    Sara's poems are very fantastic.
    And everybody in our class made great translations.
    I got a lot of pleasure,
    and I'd like us to meet some more time to read our "new" translations.
    Maybe it will be in spring)) clap

    4 Ania Holiachenko  
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    I love this project. It was a right choice to do project about Sara Teasdale
    because every creative individual deserves attention.
    Sara was a very creative person. I love her poetry very much.
    They are simple but special. Our project was interesting for me.
    The atmosphere was mysterious and interior state spoke
    that Sara's spirit, her genius were with us.
    We met like in a big hall.
    Everyone was reading their own translations.
    It was so simple like Sara's poetry but exceptional.
    I have known a lot of new things about this multilateral individual
    and about my classmates.
    It's wonderful that they are creative people!!!

    5 Olena Glekova  
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    It was very cool because I like when we all get together.
    The atmosphere was comfortable and cosy.
    Everyone had a very good translation.
    I heard so many beautiful poems and I learned a lot of
    new things for me.
    For example,I found out a biography of Sara Teasdale.
    We had a nice time.
    So we need to get together more often
    and go on with the project.
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    6 Dima Pirozhenko  
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    I like the lesson with Sara Teasdale's poems.
    It was fantastic!

    7 Illia Toropets  
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    So wonderful. I'm interested in it.
    I like a strange video.

    8 Yana Chepilko  
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    That lesson was very interesting. 
    I heard a lot of new information about Sara Teasdale.

    9 Rita Simakova  
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    I like how we together with the class made a presentation about Sara Teasdale last wednesday. After two English lessons there was still a romantic mood. She wrote beautiful love poems that are a great pleasure to read. All poems are written in simple words, but with deep sense. I learned a lot abot her life, as I had not heard of Sara before and I had not read her poems.

    10 Vika Prokopets  
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    I listened to translations of the poems by Sara Teasdale with pleasure. All my classmates tried very hard. Poems of Sara Teasdale captiated me with their lightness and romantic motives. I think that we must hold more projects like that, because it is very interesting. Thanks to this project I learned a lot about Sara Teasdale's life and her beautiful poems happy

    11 Natasha Berdychevska  
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    Our lesson,which was devoted to Sara Teasdale's poetries,was very exciting.All students showed their big abilities in translation.The atmosphere was very kind,calm and pleasant.Thanks to our teachers for this great meeting!!! smile

    12 MsByzova  
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    The final translations of Sara Teasdale's poems are posted on the "Magic Land" site.

    Enjoy reading them!

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