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    Main » 2011 » September » 12 » Мy summer
    6:08 PM
    Мy summer

    This summer was a bit boring for me. In June I was walking with friends . Sometimes we went to the movies, but often walked in the park.

    At the end of the month I went to Turkey with my mom. I enjoy nature in Turkey, most of all I love the sea and mountains. In Turkey, I practiced English, talking to foreigners.

    In August I went to the camp with an English bias, with my friend Julia. In the camp we found a lot of new friends.
    We are trained to speak English at events and competitions. In the camp there were volunteers from different countries and they taught different circles. It was very interesting to talk to them and I really enjoyed the camp.

    Maybe my summer vacations were not rich, but I still liked them.

    And what can you tell me about your summer?

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    1 MsByzova  
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    I am glad that my pupils like English. And they even in summer did their best to learn English.

    I hope to read in comments what the pupils did to improve their English in the summer.

    2 Sun  
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    In some countries, I communicated in English and was very happy that I can speak freely. Also I began to communicate better in English, because I have got an exercise book where I write down, new words and expression.

    I like learning new words, it’s very interesting. And now I can easily communicate with people. smile

    3 sun_of_ethiopia  
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    I've played in video-games (eng.ver.),read some books and watched a lot of videos like Charlie's McDonnell Blog
    I try to make some progress in english on summer time and I expanded my vocabulary

    4 (Kate)  
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    I'm no exception.I was in a British camp. There we had 2 English lessons a day and different entertainments in English.And by the end of staying there I got a special letter called "The best англієць заїзду". Then in August my parents and I went on a tour of Europe by car . Through Lithuania we hit Riga, the capital of Latvia. In 3 days in Riga and Jurmala we on a large seagoing vessel sailed to Sweden and spent a day in Stockholm. There we visited the Royal Palace and looked at the changing of the guard. From all cities that I visited I liked morest Stockholm and I love to live there. As you see most of the cities that I visited were foreign, course I spoke there on English and what is pleasantly people there understood me.

    5 Nastasia  
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    I listen a lot of music in English. I watched channel "Animal Planet' in English. And finally read the book "Charlie and the chocolate factory".

    6 Masha  
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    I listen a lot lf english musik. I watched english films and i spoke english!

    7 Lera  
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    In the sommer,I was in Bulgaria were I spoke English with chindren from other countries. I think it help me in study English. Also I listen many enlish music and watched english program.

    8 Polina Blyzniuck  
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    In the summer.I listened to much music in English,watching moviesworked with my sister in English.Sometimes wrote different sentences.

    9 Oleksiy  
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    In the summer I watched the British TV "English club".
    I talked with my parents in English.
    Read a book in English.
    I repeated grammar
    I like summer!

    10 Evgeniy Avramenko  
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    I was in English-speaking camp

    11 Dima Vasetsky  
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    In summer i listened to English music and learned some songs.I also read 67 pages. Sometimes I watched English films.

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