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    Main » 2012 » October » 8 » My impessions of the Gymnasium English Olympiad
    3:29 PM
    My impessions of the Gymnasium English Olympiad

    I have just finished my first Gymnasium Olympiad in English!) 
    I can tell you something about my experience. 
    Olympiad wasn't difficult for me because I like English so much and I think that I can do a lot  of exercises well.
    All teachers of English in our school are wonderful. That's why our pupils know Englsh very well. 
    But the teachers Ms Olena Shatrova and Ms Tetiana Savchenko had to choose the best of the best. 
    After that these students will have  to take part in  the district English Olympiad.
    At the Gymnasium Olympiad we had to do 3 types of exercises.
    First of all it was listening. WE were listening to the text and did some exercises after that. It was easy for me)
    The Second task was writing. WE could choose one topic  for our story. 
    Then we wrote something that we wanted about that topic. I liked that task because I like to write in English)
    The third task was speaking. In my opinion, this is the most difficult task. 
    Every pupil had to choose 3 topics from 22 and speak about one of them. 
    It was interesting but I was afraid because it was difficult!) 
    There were 18 students and I think that they all are very clever. 
    But only the smartest pupils will participate in the district Olympiad)) I hope that I will be one of these pupils))) 
    Masha Sypchenko, 9V grade
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    1 Olia Litvina 9-G  
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    My name's Olia and I participated in the school olympiad in English yesterday.
    It wasn't very hard. The tasks were interesting and creative. I liked the task when we had to write a composition.
    Three topics were given to us to choose one.
    All of them were very interesting to write about and to express your thoughts.
    There were a lot of smart children.
    To sum up, I liked that olympiad.

    2 sun_of_ethiopia  
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    I want to tell you about my impressions of our school English Olympiad!
    That was my first time.
    The first task was light for me, but next two were a bit difficult.I was veeeery nervous and red)
    In general, I liked the Olympiad.
    Students and teachers were interested in it and our classroom was very cosy!
    And now we're waiting for the results!)
    Hope they are good)
    Polina T. 9 G grade

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