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    Main » 2014 » April » 16 » My acquaintance with creativity of Serhii and Maryna Diachenko
    2:40 PM
    My acquaintance with creativity of Serhii and Maryna Diachenko

    Today we've had a lesson about modern Ukrainian writers Serhii and Maryna Diachenko,
    whose books I started to read in the 4th grade.

    I like different kinds of mysteries, secrets and magic.
    The Diachenkos write in a number of genres: science fiction, fantasy and fairy tales, which interested me.

    The first book, that came into my hands - was "Ritual".
    The novel tells of a dragon - werewolf last of the dragons who commits ritual , traditional for his kind - kidnapping a princess. The novel tells of a dragon - werewolf last of the dragons who commits a ritual, traditional for his kind - kidnapping the princess. The end of the ritual should be bringing it to the victim, but Arm-Ann cannot do this. His duty in such a tradition is that he needs to kill the princess and with this tradition, ritual Arm- Ann and join the fight . Utah - Princess kidnaps Armand , trying to find a common language with the dragon and eventually it succeeds. Firstly they become friends, and then converge more.
    The book says,"They found themselves, but almost lost each other".

    Welcome to the Diachenkos' world which has transformed every day routines into a fairy tale.

    What do you know about these writers? What do you think of them and their books?

    Posted by N Zhulai, 10-B class

    Views: 666 | Added by: Nastasia | Rating: 5.0/1
    Total comments: 4
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    1 Tobi   [Entry]
    Good job,
    I want to add that there is the third member of the successful team, who should be recognized.
    He is Diushes the Diachenkos' cat, who gives inspiration.

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    2 Oksana   [Entry]
    Well done, Nastasia, thank you for your work !
    I want to add that Serhii and Maryna Diachenko published their first book "The Gate Keeper" in 1994 and in 1995 this book became the best debut. In 2005 they won on Eurocon as the best writers-fantasts in Europe. I think it's great and really hard in 20 years to achive such succsess.
    What about me, I'm going to read their book "Age of Witch". I'm sure, I'll like it

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    3 Laguta   [Entry]
    As for me it's very important that in our country we have got such prominent writers. Maybe, thanks to them our country may go to the european arena.
    Also, I want to tell about the book, which is really interesting for me. This books is called "Valley of the Conscience" It was published in 2001.
    The novel describes the fate of the man Vlad having a strange power over
    people : talking to him for a while without him they can not. Dependence , almost narcotic , claims to be the next to Vlad . If a person is already attached to Vlad this link break it can even lead to death. Now Vlad found himself in a similar position . He met Angela , a woman with the same abilities. Vlad and Angela , chained together by invisible bonds , trying to establish a life together . But too large gap between them , between a man who is willing to use its power for evil , and the man who is deeply disgusting.

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    4 Oleksiy   [Entry]
    Hi! I love books that were written by Sergiy and Maryna Dyachenko.
    They are very famous writers.
    Also, they are very famous screenplays.
    They wrote several screenplays:

    2008 - "Inhabited Island" 
    2011 - "Raider" 
    2011 - "The White Guard" 
    2013 - "Dark World: Balance" .

    But, the most important thing about their, that they received the title of best fantasy writers in Europe in 2005.

    I hope, you like to read their books.

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