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    Main » 2011 » January » 18 » Meeting in the American House (ETRC) (c), posted by Ella Yevtushenko, Natalia Derevianko
    10:16 AM
    Meeting in the American House (ETRC) (c), posted by Ella Yevtushenko, Natalia Derevianko



    - About forty pupils work on our website, - Natalia Ivanivna began. - But today the weather is rainy and cold, children are hungry and tired after school, that's why only the most enthuziastic are present here. - She pointed at us. We six stood in the American  House (ETRC) in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.
    - Well, I'm very glad to see all of them, - Tom Tasker smiled.





    Thomas Tasker is a Senior English Language Fellow, a grantee of the U.S. State Department program. He's going to stay in Ukraine for a year. He teaches our Ukrainian  teachers of English  to use new technologies. By the way, it's he who inspired Natalia Ivanivna, Tetyana Dmytrivna and Tetyana Oleksandrivna to create our website.



    In the big hall where we met there is a big English library. There are piles of Endlish book, separated with categories and styles (methodics, books for children, etc.), many films and videos and other materials, that teachers can use at the lessons.

    To tell you the truth, it was our dream, to visit an  English library, and yesterday it came true!


    When the lecture began, Mr. Tasker asked us to tell something about our website.

    Natalia Ivanivna and Tetyana Dmytrivna showed webpages in the big screen and spoke, and we sometimes added something interesting.

    We showed the main categories of this website, blogs and portfolios created by our pupils and some entries that are worth  paying attention to.
    It was soooo pleasant to hear that everybody liked our site!

    Thomas Tasker said he was surprised that we had done so much in a so short a period of time. We all promised to impress him even more. Every of us liked meeting this man and speaking to a person whose native language is English.
    Mr. Tasker is also going to visit our gymnasium when we introduce our website to everyone. We plan to do it at the beginning of February. We hope our site will become full of users and connect all the pupils of our school!
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    Total comments: 11
    1 LidycaBlack  
    0 Spam
    Oh very interesting wacko
    I was going to be there....but it didn't happen(
    I see that there were a few pupils from our gymnasium...

    So what can you say about this meeting guys?

    3 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    I am really sorry that you and other students were not able to visit the ETRC yesterday and to become the participants of the presentation. All of us (students and teachers together) have done a lot to help our site going.
    It was my pleasure to talk about our students who had mastered new technologies. biggrin

    2 MsPikush  
    0 Spam
    Yes! We've done a great piece of work! And we were seen and appreciated. So congratulations
    but don't relax. I hope we'll go on and enjoy our site.

    9 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    We have done a fantastic job together. I wish Ms Savchenko had come to the presentation. She was absent due to a serious reason but had visited the American House before and was with us in her thoughts during the presentation.

    Mr Tasker found our work very interesting and useful and volunteered to visit our gymnasium and to talk to our students soon. The idea of a round table is just great!:D

    4 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    When speaking at the presentation I said that I was proud of the students who had been working on the site using new technologies, and I am sure now sure they will surprise us even more in the future.

    5 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    A big "thank you" to all the students and teachers who started this site in May 2010!
    biggrin hands :hands: hands :hands: hands :hands: hands flower

    6 Angelika  
    0 Spam
    I really liked it)
    We met with Tom Tasker)

    7 MsByzova  
    1 Spam
    And Mr Tasker was also glad to meet you. biggrin

    Angelika, you have been very helpful on the site. You and Ann were one of the first to create a portfolio. I could not imagine the presentation in the American House without you.

    8 LidycaBlack  
    0 Spam
    Very interesting) biggrin

    10 Ichigo  
    0 Spam
    That was really interesting and also it was very useful because we were listening to real English.Of course it was interesting to listen to Thomas Tasker and watch another project lol :lol: lol :lol: lol :lol: lol :lol: lol :lol: . biggrin

    11 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    I enjoyed watching you talking to Mr Tasker cool

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