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    Main » 2018 » May » 10 » India-Ukraine Skype conference.
    1:11 PM
    India-Ukraine Skype conference.

    Today our students were having a skype conference with the pupils from India.

    For the whole semester we have been busy doing tasks for IEARN projects.

    The Indian team suggested the project idea.It was  Book Review.

    Our students were preparing projects about their favourite books for the Indian students. 

    They had been taught how to write a review.

    At the conference we met the Indian students, asked them different questions about their school life,

    history and after school activity and certainly about books.

    I would like to say thank you to the Indian teachers Ms.Uma Parasuraman, Ms. Sahana Paul.

    A special gratitude to Ms. Byzova who organized the conference with Indian students, as well as Ms. Pikush

    and Inna Kruhlova.

    There were some problems with the skype connection. we could see them well, but we couldn't hear them well.

    But we used the chat room and the main idea of comunicating was reached.

    Our students were happy to have such a lesson.

    The headmaster of our school Victor Safiulin was also present at the beginning of the conference 

    He was really proud of the work of the students.

    After the conference  he asked to thank everybody for collaboration.

    Mr. Safiulin wished the students great success in studying.

    Here is the feedback from the Principal of Mangalan Vidya Niketan school Ms Uma Parasuraman:

    "The skype interaction was wonderful.

    Hats off to your students for the lovely dance. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

    Sorry I couldn't talk to your Principal.

    Beautiful photographs  We will post ours too.

    Looking forward to continued collaborative work with you all.

    Thank you to all of you. Our school is closing down for summer from tomorrow.

    Students will come back on 13th June" 

    Everybody is welcome to share the impressions.


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    Total comments: 30
    1 olazanko04  
    0 Spam
    Yes, it was  really amazing.
    This day I will remember.
    I learned about india a lot of new information.
    It was interesting to watch another culture.
    We sang the hymn of our gymnasium
    Thanks to our inventive teachers,
    for helping us to touch the world biggrin

    2 MsByzova  
    It was so thrilling to watch you singing the hymn of the Gymasium!
    Very glad that you have an opportunity to open the world for yourself at the English lessons.
    Enjoy your time at school with friends from all over the world.) specool

    3 SonyaGrabovska  
    0 Spam
    It was unusual. I got a new experience. it was interesting to learn something about India.
    Although, it was too noisy and the connection was bad, but it was funny.

    4 MsByzova  
    We are waiting for the photos and videos of the conference.
    They promise to be awesome as well.)

    5 odkyiv  
    0 Spam
    It was a great lesson with a lot of interesting information about Indian culture and world.
    I'm glad to take part in this conference and learn something new for myself.
    It's cool that English can help people from different parts of the world to communicate and share their life.
    Thanks very much to our teachers  for this possibility)) up

    6 Valeriia Kalchenko  
    0 Spam
    This conference was a success.
    This meeting was very interesting and informative.
    I really liked that the children from India passed a few words in Ukrainian.
    I imagine how difficult it was for them.
    I also liked how a girl from our school specially danced for them an Indian dance.
    It was incredibly beautiful, and I really enjoyed it.
    And I also want to thank our English teachers who tried to make this event for us.
    And they did it well. I was very impressed by this meeting, and I hope that all of you are also.

    7 egorgorlenko  
    0 Spam
    eek It was a very cognitive but tense conference
    because it's unknown how people from other countries will respond to us and our answers.
    A lot of attention was paid to the correctness of the question. clover
    Despite the problems with Skype, we still discovered a lot of information about life and their favorite books. clap
    This way of conducting lessons helps us to talk and think in real live without duplicates. blink

    15 MsByzova  
    I can't agree more.
    I have enjoyed the valuable moments of mutual understanding, friendship,
    abiding in both studios - in Kyiv and in Kolkata)

    8 Anna Chepurna  
    0 Spam
    Hi everyone!
    Unfortunately, I wasn't  able to attend this conference.
    And I regret it. It could have been  a very important experience
    in my English and in my communication with the world, in particular India.
    I hope, I won't miss my chance to communicate with other countries next time.

    9 sasamarcuk255  
    0 Spam
    Hi! I want to say thanks for every teacher who participated in this event.
    Also thanks for this oppurtunity and experience to speak with different people
    and learn more about their cultures.
    It was amazing. biggrin
    Sasha Marchuk

    10 luvra49  
    0 Spam
    I've never been to a conference like this before,
    so it was a new and exciting experience!
    Though,due to the connection problems,
    we couldn't hear each other very well and this is a pity sad
    I'm looking forward to more conferences like this in  the next year!
    Valeriya Vlasiuk  8V

    11 liza5328618  
    0 Spam
    Hi. Today, I learned something new from this conference.
    I can understood details of another life (Indian).The English language
    helped me with this .
    I am grateful to our teachers for this lesson and I hope that in the future
    we will again come together and have conference with another country. biggrin

    12 kolisnichenko91321  
    0 Spam
    Unfortunately, I was not at the conference.
    But after reading the article and comments, I realized that the conference was successful.
    I am very curious how it was all alive:
    when you asked questions, you answered, and also asked you questions.
    Therefore, I hope that at the next Skype conference I will be present.

    13 e.voziukk  
    0 Spam
    For me this conference was very interesting exprerience
    We saw students in India, and  communicated with them
    We talked about studying, schools and literature
    I would like to try more conferences with different countries
    Hope students from India like that !

    14 dergon2004  
    0 Spam
    This conference was good!
    We spoke with some of the Indian students and with their teachers.
    Problems with internet spoilt some things, but everything else was OK.
    It would be great, if we could make meetings like this, again.
    Andy Chukanov 8-V

    16 anyarivier  
    0 Spam
    Hi! This conference was amazing) It was a new and interesting practice for me.
    I hope that we can do practice like this more often happy
     Ann Digtuaryk 8-V

    17 dshkuliy11  
    0 Spam
    It was an amazing experience!
    So exciting because we've talked with the students from the other country,
    which is in thousands of miles from us!
    However there is only one moment that I would change:
    because there were many students in our class it was noisy,
    so I would invite fewer students to our studio in Kyiv.
    But anyway it was very cool!
    I want more skype-conferences!

    18 yuliiayushchenko13  
    0 Spam
    That was incredible! The Skype conference was full of real emotions like happiness, excitement biggrin 
    It was interesting and cognitive  for us

    19 gengayden  
    0 Spam
    The conference was great.
    We had some problems with the Internet connection, but it didn't spoil everything.
    We saw students from India and talked about books and culture.
    I really liked our way of greeting the Indian schoolchildren.
    Some people from the audience didn't listen, but it didn't make a big problem.
    I wish we could have lessons like this more often/

    Nastya Chesnokova  8-V

    20 soskovadaria  
    0 Spam
    Yesterday's lesson was amazing.
    I liked it that for us it was the first work of this type.
    I really enjoyed talking with Indian children.
    Only a little was a bad connection,
    but it didn't stop us from communicating with them.

    21 Dionisii Bezradetskyi  
    0 Spam
    I liked it. This is the first time I see what  is done in schools.
    This new experience for me was scary, as if I was in another country

    22 Dmitro Maevskij  
    0 Spam
    In my opinion, this was a very good idea!
    We learned something about India.
    We heard their accent and they ours.
    Everythig was great, but it would be desirable
    that fewer people would take part.

    23 Dolgyy228  
    0 Spam
    I think that it was a good idea to connect with Indian students. I wasn't on the lesson, but I've watched two videos and enjoy the atmosphere, which was in the class

    24 egorgolden1609  
    0 Spam
    I think it was a good conference, but not the best. Because there were connection problems and we did not always understand the Hindus. But in general I liked it. It was an interesting experience of communicating with foreigners.

    25 andersnskorobagatko  
    0 Spam
    I like this conference. It was my first conference with another country in school. I Like it because: 
    1) I was progmer at conference 
    2) We speak with children from India
    3) We have a good time

    26 slabayarina  
    0 Spam
    I was not at the conference.
    However, to my mind, that communicating with children from another country was a good practice for all students.

    27 leram325  
    0 Spam
    I'm proud of our english teachers and this IEarn project!
    I agree, not everything was perfect, but have you seen your friends from other schools participate in projects with other countries?
    Probably, no. So I'm really happy and grateful to our school for this lesson, because it will definitely help me to communicate with foreigners in the future.
    Thank you for the vivid impressions~
    Mazurenko Valery 8-V

    28 Ira Zhoholieva  
    0 Spam
    I was not at the conference, but I was interested in reading, watching photo and video about it.It was really interesting

    29 ruslanashymokhina  
    0 Spam
    Hello ! victory 
    This was my first conference, which will be remembered for a long time.
    Thanks to English, I understood the preferences of our project colleagues.
    We have a lot in common. In general, I really liked this meeting.

    Thanks to our teachers !!! specool

    30 Roma_Musiienko  
    0 Spam
    It's a fantastyc unrealistic impressions from this conference! It was very interesting and cognitive. Thank you to our customers from India who found the pretext for an amazing and spontaneous conversation on skype

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