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    Main » 2010 » June » 30 » How to choose language courses?
    7:02 PM
    How to choose language courses?
    On 30 June 2010 Kyiv TV channel correspondent Vita (a former "Troyeshchyna" gymnasium student) 


    met "Troyeshchyna" gymnasium teacher of English Nataliya Byzova



     in order to talk about the best way of choosing language courses.






    Vita: How to choose the best courses?




    N.Byzova: Before choosing courses you have to test your knowledge  of a foreign language.






    Vita: How can you know what your level is? Can you do it by yourself?
    N.Byzova: You can find tests on the internet. You will know your level of English in 10 minutes if you complete Free English Level Test



    You can also be tested by native speakers.






    Vita: How to avoid cheating? When you come to the first sample lesson, what might make you suspect that the courses are not good enough?



    N.Byzova: If courses offer you a programme which is expected to teach you English from elementary  to intermediate levels in two months, it's cheating.




    Vita: What books should be used?




    N.Byzova: Any of an appropriate level written by native speakers from the countries whose languages are going to be studied.




    Vita: Is it better to start learning a foreign language with a native speaker or with a Ukrainian teacher?




    N.Byzova: It's better to start learning a foreign language with a Ukrainian teacher when your level is elementary. At the very beginning you need a lot of help from your teacher in your native tongue. If your level is pre-intermediate you'd better continue with native speakers.




    Vita: Do you have to come through all levels?




    N.Byzova. Yes. I would also advise you  to study the pre-intermediate level twice (changing texbooks) in order to transform your language skills into speaking skills.




    Vita: Do you have to pay for all levels at once?




    N.Byzova: No. Only for each level. After completing the previous level you can pay for the next. If you are asked to pay for all levels it might be cheating.




    Vita: Can on line courses teach you well?




    N.Byzova: All courses including on line ones are useful. On line courses are good for the disable or for those who cannot attend live courses because of their work schedule. On line courses can also be a good addition to live ones.




    Vita: What do you have to remember when you start learning a foreign language?




    N.Byzova: You have to remember that a lot depends on you. Being highly motivated, asking questions and taking an active part in all activities you are sure to achieve success .








    The interview was filmed by the Kyiv  TV channel cameraman.


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    Very good! You are the first to get to know your level of English!

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    Already without translator ^ biggrin

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    My result is A2

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    I'm realy surprised)))

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    I have got A2

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