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    Main » 2011 » December » 7 » Hello Kansas!
    5:58 PM
    Hello Kansas!
    A few minutes ago we finished our video-session with Kansas!
    It was great!
    All American students were very nice and interesting!
    I'm very happy that I made this and spoke with true American children!
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    Total comments: 23
    1 Stasia_Stasia  
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    It was interesting to speak with American children, but I was very nervous!
    Also it is instructive for us smile

    2 Olya Hodiuk  
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    Polina, it was really so. It was an unbelievable hour! All of the American students are so cute and it was cognitive to speak with them!

    There was not enough time, because I'd like to ask some more questions) But I hope that we will speak with them again in the future!


    3 MsByzova  
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    All of you were very good at speaking during the video session.
    It was a great joy to watch you speaking English!!!

    I am proud of you!

    Lots of thanks to Olia Litvina who was filming the video session.
    I am sure we will have such conferences in the future.

    I wonder what you remembered most? cool biggrin

    4 Stasia_Stasia  
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    Oh, I am so red in the photos: (

    5 MsByzova  
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    It was a bit hot in the room and all of us were involed in either speaking or listening.
    Wow! 30 minutes of intensive English made you look great!!! biggrin cool

    6 Olya Hodiuk  
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    Today, I remembered the most that children in Sion school love their uniform and they said that it is comfortable.

    Also I know that all of the students have watched a film called ''Twilight''/

    Now I know that American students also love to do sports, for example volleyball, tennis......


    7 Dmitriy  
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    It was unforgettable.
    I got to know a lot of information about children in Kansas. I am sure we will have such conferences in the future.
    It was very cool to speak with Kansas students.

    Natalia Ivanivna, thank you for possibility to talk with Kansas children. :blahblah::clap:

    9 MsByzova  
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    And it was cool to show the karate exercises too.)))
    You demonstrated them very well, and spoke English perfectly too. cool biggrin

    8 Mari-anna  
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    Today was an awesome day because I really enjoyed our meeting with the guys from Kansas City on Skype!

    At first I was very worried, but then when it all began excitement disappeared,
    because the girls were very friendly to us, happy to listen to us and answered all the questions ))
    They were very nice.

    Thanks to them for that, and of course, to Natalia Ivanivna for the fact that she organized this event!))))

    We will remember this for a long time! biggrin

    10 MsByzova  
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    I have enjoyed the time with you and the American students too. cool biggrin
    I am thankful to Lesa Childers and her students for the time spent together with us.

    11 Oleksiy  
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    Maybe, it was very interesting biggrin

    12 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    Yes, it was very interesting.
    I hope next time more students will take part in the video conference. cool biggrin

    13 MsByzova  
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    The headmaster Victor Safiulin said
    that we should have a new computer and monitor and printer
    in our classroom.
    And Internet! Wow!!!

    specool yahoo

    14 Bear  
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    It was a really interesting meeting.I really enjoyed it.

    16 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    Me too. cool biggrin

    15 Yehor  
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    If we have the computer with the Internet in the school classroom,
    it will be very good.
    Then all pupils from our classes will be able
    to take part in this conference. happy

    17 MsByzova  
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    If we have the Internet, we will have another conference in our classroom in 2012.
    Yes, I am sure that more pupils would take part in it. cool biggrin

    18 Kind  
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    It was a wonderful conference!
    It was also my first experience of speaking English with Americans and I was very excited.
    I think it is very cool!
    Let's speak English!

    19 MsByzova  
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    Your first experience was very successful during the Skype video session.
    Like all the other presenters, you looked and sounded very confident while speaking to American children.

    It's a good idea to speak English as much as possible. cool biggrin

    20 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    Here is the video from Kansas-Kyiv skype video conference!!!

    Thank you, Olia, for filming the event!!!

    21 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    To watch the other parts of the video session, go to the article "Videos of the Skype conference"

    22 Dzvinka  
    0 Spam
    I wish I could go with you((( cry

    23 MsByzova  
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    I wish you had been with us at the conference.
    My students told me you could not do that because of being busy on that day.
    I expect you to join us in other 2012 Skype conferences which we are thinking of.

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