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    Main » 2011 » September » 30 » Happy Teacher's Day!
    8:27 PM
    Happy Teacher's Day!
    Dear colleagues, teachers of foreign languages, History, Math, Chemistry,Physics,
    foreign literature, P.T., Ukrainian, Computer studies, Arts, Music, Geography!
    Happy Teacher's Day!
    A Teacher for All Seasons
    A teacher is like Spring,
    Who nurtures new green sprouts,
    Encourages and leads them,
    Whenever they have doubts.

    A teacher is like Summer,
    Whose sunny temperament
    Makes studying a pleasure,
    Preventing discontent.

    A teacher is like Fall,
    With methods crisp and clear,
    Lessons of bright colors
    And a happy atmosphere.

    A teacher is like Winter,
    While it’s snowing hard outside,
    Keeping students comfortable,
    As a warm and helpful guide.

    Teacher, you do all these things,
    With a pleasant attitude;
    You’re a teacher for all seasons,
    And you have my gratitude! ~ By Joanna Fuchs
    Category: Top materials | Views: 878 | Added by: MsByzova | Rating: 5.0/2
    Total comments: 5
    1 Anton Lytvyn  
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    Our Gymnasium has always had the best teachers! Happy Teacher's Day!!!

    It's a pity I'm not able to come and see all these photos closer sad

    But I think I found Mrs. Philipchuk here biggrin And who is the smiling lady in the middle photo? I have a feeling I should know her :}

    2 MsByzova  
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    Hi Anton!

    This year seems to have started as a year of pleasant surprises. It’s great to hear from you. Thank you for the Teacher’s Day greetings.

    Yes, you are right. You can see Ms Philipchuk and Ms Marushchak, and Ms Dmytrenko and other teachers from the gymnasium in their childhood and up to the age of 30.

    As for the lady smiling in the photo, you are sure to know her))).To make it clear, have a look at the first photo. The same smile, isn’t it?)))

    How is your life? I‘ve got to know you are in Germany having being chosen to visit this country as one of the most gifted students of Kyiv Mohyla Academy. Congratulations! I am proud of having been one of your teachers. cool biggrin

    Could you write what you are working at there?

    3 MsByzova  
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    Your first great achievements started in the gymnasium.)))
    Winner in competitions
    cool biggrin

    4 Anton Lytvyn  
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    Hello, Natalia Ivanivna!

    Ahaha, now I'm sure that's my second English teacher Mrs. Topalova biggrin Or still, maybe Gwyneth Paltrow? ;]

    My life's Okay as usual, trying not to take notice of any small troubles smile You know, in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy it's difficult to find who's not gifted wink Our International Department does a great job letting students know about latest possibilities of going abroad to study. A few of my mates are now in South Korea for the winter semester, and a friend of mine is going to study in Japan (!) Something incredible as for me.

    Nevertheless, I'm quite comfortable here in Stralsund. The motto of the university here is "Study Where Everybody Wants to Spend Their Vacation", and it is quite apt - the university has its own beach and race track. Deer come to our house each evening. And the weather is just fine - +26 and sunny (they had a disgusting summer, though - +14 and rains, rains, rains...). The town is also wonderful. I'm happy to know I will be able to be at a real Halloween party soon.

    As for my study, I'm here to write my Master's Paper on the topic of "Evaluating Financial Stability of Insurance Companies". Library, library, Internet, Library :D:D:D But what is not usual for our universities, I am allowed to attend any subject lectures I want (I'll just not be allowed to take the exam). I have German classes, too. It's funny but 7 years of German in school isn't really enough to be proficient...

    Just looked for Freundenberg on the map to see where the gymnasians could possibly be on exchange. Ah.. it's too far away biggrin

    5 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    Anton, your life in Germany looks amazing! It reminds me of the time I was at university. I just adored studying and I still love learning. Each time I teach my pupils something new, I open new horizons for myself. cool biggrin

    There are a lot of new opportunities in modern world. I am pleased to watch my pupils use them best to their advantage. Very glad for you too. Enjoy your stay in Germany.

    By the way, the delegation from Freundenberg is in the gymnasium at the moment. cool biggrin

    Good luck to you. And get in touch! cool biggrin

    P.S. "...maybe Gwyneth Paltrow?"
    Ms Topalova's smile is incomparable with anybody else's. )))

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