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    Main » 2018 » April » 27 » Grammar Quest. Tenses
    1:08 PM
    Grammar Quest. Tenses

    Today on 27 April

    the students of 8-A.B,V classes 

    have participated in the Grammar Quest. Tenses 

    (teachers: N.Byzova, T.Pikush, T.Savchenko)

    They had to revise the English tenses and make up sentences in order to describe

    - the school playground,

    - the school yard

    - and the park.

    Here is their plan of work:

    Task I Introduction. In the school playground.
    Revise tenses. Answer the question: What makes a good day?


    Task II Body. Outside the school. On the way to the park.
    For all the group: Look around. Talk about the weather, nature, people, traffic using 4 Present, 3 Past, 1 Future tenses


    Task III Inside the park
    For each student: Look around. Write about the weather, nature, people, traffic using 4 Present, 3 Past, 1 Future tenses

    Look at your notes. What makes this day special?

    Have a look at the photos. Can you describe them?

    Category: Top materials | Views: 1204 | Added by: MsByzova | Rating: 5.0/1
    Total comments: 19
    1 MsByzova  

    You are welcome to post your comments-impressions here.

    2 MsByzova  
    The students looked happy, joyful and interested in the Quest.

    Also, they demonstrated zeal in doing the tasks.
    I loved watching how the students were working individually,
    in groups and as a team.

    The video is terrific, isn't it? Just watch it and listen to birds' singing.
    It was awesome and very supportive!)

    What's more, I was impressed by the students' desire to ask questions
    and continue writing sentenses even on the way back to school.

    3 MsSavchenko2  
    Great and interesting work.
    I'm proud of everybody.You were really brilliant.
    That`s a pity, I couldn`t be present at such a useful lesson.
    I had a really important event in the life of my family.
    Thanks to teachers for this great lesson.

    4 MsPikush2  
    This kind of lesson is really usefull and enjoyable.
    We could revise all grammar tenses, we'd already learnt,
    using surrounding beauty of spring nature.0
    Today we are going to transfer these sentences into Reported Speech.
    We are the best

    5 dimakorshak04  
    0 Spam
    I liked the trip to the street. It was interesting and instructive.
    because we not only  had a good time, but in a better manner,
    we had a more memorable lesson in learning English.

    6 ruslanashymokhina  
    0 Spam
    Hello !!!

    I really liked this street Quest because it was informative
    and at the same time we rested.
    We repeated the entire school lesson only in nature it was more interesting.
    Thank you teachers for this lesson.

    Best wishes !!! specool

    7 dibamaksim  
    0 Spam
    I like such quests. I think they develop our imagination and knowledge of  English.
    I would like to do this after each section.

    8 denisnikitenko17  
    0 Spam

    I liked this quest.
    There were a lot of interesting things in it, and a lot of revision.
    Moreover, there was good weather.
    During this quest, I learned to better understand the tenses.
    I am grateful for such an exciting quest to Tatiana Pikush and Natalya Byzova

    9 kolisnichenko91321  
    0 Spam
    I like quests because they help me think faster, and it's very interesting.
    This is  group work.
    We are in the street, not just sitting in the classroom.
    Consequently, the quests affect me positively, rather than negatively.

    10 Dolgyy228  
    0 Spam
    I like quests,because in quests you always work in groups and it's cool.
    And I love English, and when quests are in English–
    I am happy and wanna pass it faster.
    The quest wasn't very easy for all.
    I couldn't write my sentences, lol, but I learnt how to do that
    So instead of writing my own sentences I helped my classmates.
    But I am happy that we've had that beatuful quest.
    Wanna have some interesting quests in the future.

    11 S.Voloshyna  
    0 Spam
    I really liked the quest! I’ve improved 8 times my English.
    We revised all the rules and words in the park.
    It was wonderful!
    I would like to create my own quest outside the Gymnasium.

    12 egorgorlenko  
    0 Spam
    I liked the trip to the street. wiggle 
    In my opinion this quest help me with tenses because we can learn lessons with practice
    Quest is a good idea. It's interesting and instructive  yahoo 

    13 egorgolden1609  
    0 Spam
    I really enjoyed the walk to the park.
    This is better than a classroom lesson.
    Because the fresh air is better for thoughts.
    We also applied the tenses in real life.
    This is what we need.
    It is still practice,
    after which we will be able to better understand what trenses are for..

    14 Lera Sheliuk  
    0 Spam
    I really liked our lesson in the form of a quest outdoors.
    It seems to me that such lessons allow us to better understand the topic.
    Because we described everything that we saw around us.
    I believe that in the quest the material is better remembered

    15 Dionisii Bezradetskyi  
    0 Spam
    This is very interesting because not every lesson can change the situation.
    it encourages pupils to think and  perceive information in a new way.
    it's very cool and interesting.

    16 Dasha Soskova  
    0 Spam
    it seems to me that doing quests is perfect
    because when you go out and see everything around you,
    it's easier for us to perceive different tenses.

    17 S. Korol  
    0 Spam
    I think that the quests are very cool.
    It's fun and interesting.
    Much better than sitting in the classroom and something to cram.
    After all, quests are just informative.
    We learn something new for ourselves, draw conclusions.
    And when the information is submitted in an interesting way,
    it is much better remembered in the head.
    I really enjoy quests.

    18 Andrii Skorobagatko  
    0 Spam
    I prefer our quest. Because we can breathe fresh air and learn English.
    Also we can look at nature.
    I like your idea.

    19 R.Musiienko  
    0 Spam
    I liked the way out to the street so that to breath this fresh air.
    Als I enjoyed ourwalk and interesting assignments

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