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    Main » 2014 » April » 18 » EYP Ukraine Mini-Session Coming Soon
    10:01 AM
    EYP Ukraine Mini-Session Coming Soon

    Troyeshchyna Gymnasium students have been invited to participate in the EYP Ukraine mini-session.

    Mini-Session or EYP-Weekend is a two-day event which aims to promote the organisation and trains youth to participate in bigger EYP-events such as the National Selection Conference. Despite the relatively brief format, the structure of a mini-session is similar to the structure of international EYP events and includes Teambuilding, Committee Work and the General Assembly. The main advantage of mini-sessions is the possibility to organise them in many regions of the country. During the annual All-Ukrainian Inter-Rail tour, mini-sessions occur simultaneously in many cities united into regional “chains” (North, South, West, East, Centre etc.).

    The approaching EYP Weekend will take place in a beautiful city of Kyiv on 26th-27th of April.

     At this 2-day event, full of creativity and EYP spirit, around 70 participants will discuss the issues of civil society development under the general topic: "Initiative of the youth – well-being of the country".

    EYP Weekend is a project of the Department on Regional Development of EYP-Ukraine, aimed to promote EYP in different regions and bring the organisation closer to Ukrainian schools, as well as to raise awareness among young people about the European matters and civil society, to promote volunteering and to prepare young people for participating in large-scale EYP events, such as the National Selection Conference. EYP Weekend includes all traditional session activities e.g. teambuilding, committee work and General Assembly. The Weekend allows pupils and students to discuss and debates on important issues of present concern to the whole Europe and offer their solutions to the specific problems. 

    The session is head-organised by Maria Roditeleva and presided by an experienced Ukrainian EYPer Michael Rozhkov

    EYP-UA Weekend in Kyiv

    26-27 of April, 2014

    Committee topics

    Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL)

    When many European countries face the challenge of high youth unemployment, what concrete steps should be taken to ensure that post-graduates do not become irreversibly excluded from the labour market?

    Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI)

    Today the majority of European countries have introduced environmental education systems for children and youth. What steps can European governments take to educate the adult population on environmental issues and to further cultivate eco-friendly habits in society?

    Committee on Culture and Education (CULT)

    With differences in the quality of education and funding resources in Western and post-socialistic European countries, how should the governments ensure high-quality primary and secondary education all over Europe?

    Committee on Industry, Technology and Research (ITRE)

    In the aftermath of Fukushima disaster European states face the issue of balancing between environmental security and the need for cheap energy. Hence, what role should nuclear energy take in the energy sectors of the Eastern European countries?

    Committee on Human Rights (DROI)

    LGBT rights: With tension between adopting anti-discrimination law and conservative electorate. What steps should the Ukrainian government take to protect the freedom of LGBT people and prevent cases of homophobia?


    26.04.2014 Saturday

    Konsul Gymnasium




    EYP - Ukraine Presentation




    Coffee break


    Teambuilding in Committees




    Committee Work


    Coffee break


     Committee Work


    Preparation for the General Assembly

    27.04.2014 Sunday

    The Club of the Cabinet of Ministers  


    Opening Ceremony


    The General Assembly simulation


    Preparation for the General Assembly


    Coffee break


    General Assembly (Committees I, II)


    Coffee break


    General Assembly (Committees III, IV)


    Coffee break



    General Assembly (committee V)

    General Assembly Closing Ceremony


    Some information about EYP 

    The official web-site of the European Youth Parliament is www.eypej.org

    European Youth Parliament (EYP) was founded in 1987 as a pan-European school project, which spreads and promotes the idea of united Europe and European citizenship. Over the past 20 years, the organisation has been undergoing the processes of expansion and enlargement; now it functions in 37 European countries. It successfully operates in the EU member states, and also in the neighbouring countries. EYP conducts 3 international sessions annually, which are attended by over 250 young people, aged 16-22, from all over Europe along with the teachers who come together not only to support the delegations but also to discuss and to learn from each other’s experiences and practices. EYP National Committees also conduct dozens of national and regional sessions and forums on an annual basis. European Youth Parliament aims to provide youth with unique learning experience. 

    The official web-site of the “European Youth Parliament – Ukraine” is www.eyp-ua.org

    International Youth NGO “European Youth Parliament – Ukraine” (EYP Ukraine) represents one of 37 National Committees of the European Youth Parliament. Registered with the Government of Ukraine on February 18, 2002, it is a full-fledged participant of civil society development process in Ukraine. De facto, EYP Ukraine has been successfully operating in Ukraine since 2000, involving young Ukrainians in activities of one of the largest European platforms for debate, intercultural encounters, educational work and exchange of ideas among young Europeans. Annually EYP-Ukraine conducts a National Session selecting delegations to represent Ukraine at EYP international and regional sessions in Europe, as well as regional sessions in Ukrainian cities and other youth projects.

    During its lifetime, EYP-Ukraine has acquired professional expertise and valuable experience in organizing different kinds of youth events: regional and international sessions, national conferences, trainings and workshops etc. Moreover, EYP-Ukraine has been a key partner in organization of UN Youth Summits on Millennium Development Goals in Ukraine as well as a key youth partner of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine as it pertains to the organisation of Europe Days in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. Experienced and talented young people ready to volunteer their time and efforts to implement interesting projects is the most valuable resource we possess.

    All the delegates have to choose the Committee they would like to work in, and post a message about their decision in a comment below.

    Then in  3 day time they have to post an essay dealing with the ideas of the chosen committee's topic question.

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    Total comments: 32
    1 Tobi  
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    This is our logo

    2 Stacy  
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    Committee on Industry, Technology and Research (ITRE)

    1. Anastasiia Cherneha

    3 missdianakh  
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    Committee on Human Rights (DROI)

    2. Diana Khrustaliova

    4 Cat_Leopold  
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    Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL)

    3. Anna Tretiakova

    5 Catherine_Gaidai  
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    Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI)

    4. Kateryna Gaidai

    6 Catherine_Gaidai  
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    Committee on Human Rights (DROI)
    This issue was chosen by

    5. Nataliia Derevianko.

    7 MsByzova  
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    Good. Thank you for help.)

    Natasha will have three days for writing an essay and posting it in the next comment. Her essay should consist of 250 words and deal with the ideas connected with her committee's topic question,

    "LGBT rights: With tension between adopting anti-discrimination law and conservative electorate. What steps should the Ukrainian government take to protect the freedom of LGBT people and prevent cases of homophobia?"

    8 Alyona_Yevtushenko  
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    Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI)

    6. Aliona Yevtushenko

    9 MsByzova  
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    You have three days for writing an essay and posting it in the next comment. Your essay should consist of 250 words and deal with the ideas connected with your committee's topic question,   

    "Today the majority of European countries have introduced environmental education systems for children and youth. What steps can European governments take to educate the adult population on environmental issues and to further cultivate eco-friendly habits in society?"

    17 Alyona_Yevtushenko  
    0 Spam
    Nowadays our technological problems are in the worst condition and it is frightening! But we shouldn't panic about this because we all together can change the situation.
    All innovations, except of eco-friendly, make our lives on our planet impossible. During the technological and chemical progress our nature lost all of its resources. Because of that, we have to pay for our mistakes, such as nuclear and atomic weapons, wars, cars, household chemicals and so on.
    Firstly, we have to make adults aware of environmental problems by making ads everywhere as far as we can. Mostly at bus stops, in restaurants, cafes, markets, supermarkets. Shortly, in public sights. These ads should catch people's view and make them think about the information they have just read.
    For our little nature savers we should spread the information "How to save our planet" in form of cartoons and games, which should be instructive and encouraging for them. 
    For teens it should be in form of presentations and different interesting videos and movies.
    Futhermore, we can make reception centres, where everyone can bring old toys, used batteries, small clothes, plastic bags, used paper etc. Some of these things will go to needy children in orphanages, poor countries and large families; others will be utilised. In these centres children, youth and adults will be rewarded by their contributions by stickers with words of gratitude, healthy sweets, movie tickets, tickets to the water park, coupons on attractions and so forth.
    We have to convince everyone that the actions you do today make your tomorrow and future.
    All in YOUR hands! 
    Peace v

    18 MsByzova  
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    I find your ideas about ads and centres  important for helping adults to cultivate eco-friendly habits.
    I wonder what could be done so that  the messages of the ads will penetrate humans' hearts and make them  happier,
    since I strongly believe that happy people are inclined to perceive the world in bright colours and are ready to change it for the better?
    Also, I like your conclusion 'It's all in your hands."
    The following song, as well as the quotations, might be interesting to you:

    • The law of nature is also true about life. Anything that is not changing is dying! Change is the process that brings improvement to one’s life. When a person traps their self in sameness, they are giving control of their life to yesterday and closing the door to the opportunities of today. When yesterday has control of a life and they are locked into a world of repeating where they have been, control of their life has been given away.

    10 Mikhail Nadtochii  
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    Committee on Culture and Education (CULT)

    7. Mikhail Nadtochii

    11 Fromsky  
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    Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI)

    8. Dmytro Pyrozhenko

    12 Dzvinka  
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    Committee on Human Rights (DROI)

    9. Ella Yevtushenko

    13 MsByzova  
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    You have three days for writing an essay and posting it in the next comment. Your essay should consist of 250 words and deal with the ideas connected with your committee's topic question, 

    "Today the majority of European countries have introduced environmental education systems for children and youth. What steps can European governments take to educate the adult population on environmental issues and to further cultivate eco-friendly habits in society?"

    14 Olha Khodiuk  
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    Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI)

    11. Olha Khodiuk

    15 MsByzova  
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    You have three days for writing an essay and posting it in the next comment. Your essay should consist of 250 words and deal with the ideas connected with your committee's topic question,  

    "Today the majority of European countries have introduced environmental education systems for children and youth. What steps can European governments take to educate the adult population on environmental issues and to further cultivate eco-friendly habits in society?"

    31 olya_khodiuk  
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    Our country is well-known in the world thanks to its amazing culture, picturesque landscapes and hospitable people.
    Remember the lessons of history or just some history books about Ukraine hundreds years ago. The families were big and talking about tiding in the yard everybody had his own responsibilities. For example, the men were mowing the grass, women were whitewashing the houses ect.
    But according to me, I've never read anything about the rubbish there. Why? Maybe our forefathers were eco-friendly? Or they've never known such concept as a garbage because of its absence?
    So, in my view, nowadays the owners of the big companies have to care about of what materials are using on in the industries. And now I mean not only about such large factories where the cars are building.
    Walking down the street just look around you. You'll see the candy wrappers or cigarette gobies anywhere you are. How can we contribute to the elimination of these factors? The most easy way is to introduce the penalty in the country. But to my mind it's not the best solution to solve the problem, because some dishonest people will avoid the pay.

    Fortunately, the modern curriculum includes the study of various measures to improve the environment. Hope this programme won't be useless and the future generations will care about the nature. I think it would be really cool if the students told their parents about what they knew in the school, collage or universities. The children should find some creative ways to give such important information like this, because the adults are the big children. For example to show the videos which are illustrating the consequences of damaging the environment.
    The employers have to invite their workers to the eco-friendly meetings twice a year.
    Also people who live in a house should unite in special communities which will looking not only about the house, but about cleaning the yard too. Maybe we'll have to pay a few more for the service. But think about your future. Today you'll pay a few more money and tomorrow you'll live in a modern European country.
    Never say ''personally I won't do anything, cause I'll be the only one and it will be impossible to save the nature''. Just try to do something and maybe soon your friend or neighbor will join too, so you won't be alone.

    16 MsByzova  
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    Thank you to all the students who have chosen to participate in the EYP mini-session.

    You are a wonderful team!   

    We are waiting for your essays which should be posted next to your previous comments.

    19 Cat_Leopold  
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    A lot of students and post-graduates possess a big problem, they have not any job. For
    some young people this problem becomes insuperable.  According to statistics, a number of unemployment young people are about
    40 % in Ukraine. Also, there are countries, that have a higher percentage (for
    example Greece). The main reason, which makes this problem, is
    that all employers want to have workers with a background.  They want to have a successful, young and
    skilled person… However,
    what about post-graduates? They become irreversibly excluded from the labour market..
    of unemployment the young are:
    in other countries because in the native country they can’t find a job;
    - deployment
    of poverty among young people
    - increase in
    the number of homeless
    - demographic
    crisis, which caused a decrease in the number of births due to lack of funds in
    the family
    What  should the governments  do to escape this

    I think,
    they should:
    1) make a
    special job centre, where students will be able to work.
    2) create
    investment companies for projects of young people, select the best and have
     their money invested in them
    3) create
    a single system for collecting information about post-graduates, which will be
    monitoring employment and professional careers of young professionals.

    The unemployment rate makes the economy
    vulnerable, social sphere- tense and psychological climate – disturbance, so
    this problem needs  effective measures.  wink

    20 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    I have highlighted the topic question in order to better  see your further  proposals,
    which seem to be very useful.

    By the way, what kind of job center do you think the government should create and what will students be able to do there?

    To be honest, I am very interested in the idea of investing money in projects of young people.
    Who could be responsible for choosing the best ones?

    To my mind,  a single system for collecting information about post-graduates, which will be
    monitoring employment and professional careers of young professionals is a must in our society.
    How could this information be used later?

    21 Cat_Leopold  
    0 Spam
    1) The government should create a labour market, which will be interested in the young. Also, it
    will be good to create centers with  full information about jobs.
    2) I think,
    that it will be a group of experts in the each branch. For example, if students
    are interested in  tourism, they will make projects and a group of
    geographers and travel agency managers will select the best .
    Employers can use this information for their companies. If they need a new
    worker, they will find him in the system.

    22 Dzvinka  
    0 Spam
    Everyone knows that in Ukraine it's forbidden to marry a person of the same sex, but still it's better than, for instance, in Russia, where there are some laws against "gay propaganda". But laws must totally depend on people's opinion. Ukrainian society doesn't have the same attitude towards LGBT people: older generations are more conservative and young people are mostly liberal. It’s not easy for a government to balance between human rights and freedoms and conservative citizens. Both anti-discrimination laws and conservative ones may lead to resentment of different social groups. But as for me, human rights and the freedom of sexual orientation are much more important than somebody’s stereotypes. So, it's necessary to educate and inform people that LGBT isn't a crime or a disease, but simply a way someone lives and thinks. It would be useful to spread different social ads on TV, in the newspapers or billboards. However, this must not look like "gay propaganda", but like an appeal for tolerance and understanding. The point of those social ads must be not that LGBT is good, but that it is equal with heterosexuality.
    The biggest problem of homophobia is people's aggression. When you hold hands with your same-sex partner and someone tries to shame you, it is offensive but bearable. When you are beaten for that, it is unacceptable. It's almost impossible to change someone's mind, and no one has a right to dictate people how to think; what you can change is people's reaction. There must be social ads and different actions against aggression and violence. I am sure that with gradual and complex steps it is possible to teach people to live in harmony regardless of sexual orientation.

    23 Catherine_Gaidai  
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    If people want to teach somebody to protect the environmental and point in the right way, they should remember that it is not simple, especially with adult generation. I would like to discuss steps, which European governments can take to educate the adult population on environmental issues and to further cultivate eco-friendly habits in society.

    There is no denying that our world becomes worse and worse each year, because people are very indifferent to our planet. For example, there are some reasons, why our ecological situation deteriorates.
    Firstly, people don't save the electrical energy, the main rule - if you are not using it, turn it off, this goes for TV-sets, lights, printers and other technics, which are working without important needs.
    If people got used to switching on everything in their flat, they should buy special devices with a timer.

    Also, in our modern life using renewable energy sources becomes really popular . They are special devices, which get energy from the sun lights, and they don't throw away harmful gases in the environment, like coal or other fuels emits.

    To my mind, cars also make our world very polluted, so I urge people not to use them. Instead of using cars you can use bicycles, it will be even better and healthier, but for this we need special roads and equipment like in Europe.

    Secondly, people must save water if they want to live in a clean world. If they don't know how to do this they can follow the next simple rules.
    First of all turn off water when you're not using it. Especially when you are brushing your teeth turn off the water between rinses.
    Also, on my personal experience one of the best things is to use a boiler. Because people can set a certain norm for themselves and use water economically. Providers need to reduce the cost of such devices so people can afford to buy them.

    Thirdly, recycling and conserving are also the main steps to protect our world from pollution. So how can we encourage adult generation to maintain the environment clean from this waste.

    I think that in our country there must be special trash cans for bags, glass, cans, boxes, plastic, paper and decomposed food. But it is not enough just to set these places for rubbish. It is important to adhere the established norms, but everything depends on the people and their behavior. Furthermore, people should be interested in discarding trash and I have got an idea how to do this. We need to make special devices, in which we will throw the trash and in return receive either sweets, or tickets for transporting or other things for encouraging people.

    To sum up, everything in our world depends on the people, who are living here. We just can make the life a little bit easier for them and more comfortable. If you want to change the world, you should start with yourself.

    24 Mikhail Nadtochii  
    0 Spam
    I think that education is one of the most important things that government must worry about.
    An educated country is a succesful country. That is the point of my essay. If we look at European countries we can see that a huge amount of funding resources is invested in education. This causes good reforms which cause better results among students. But Ukraine can still prove that we are worth  being in the list of the most educated countries.
    On the one hand Ukrainian people are very smart and tallented. Our teachers are very intellegent and always trying to give us a lot of usefull knowledge. On the other hand we have problems that must be solved.
    The biggest problem, as for me, is low teacher salaries.It is very hard to be a teacher and I think this hard work should be paid very well. For reason of low salaries fewer and fewer people are becoming teachers and that is very bad because the majority of our teachers are very conservative about new technologies.
    Secondly, we have to improve school and universities buildings. We have to repair inside and outside old universities and school buildings. Buying new furniture will although be very good. A lot of classrooms have to be computerized.
    Thirdly, it will be very good to change the secondary education system. There must be three or four main and plenty of secondary subjects in one faculty. And every student can deside which secondary subjects he wants to study. This decision will solve a big problem of motivation in studying because every student will study only those subjects which he wants to.
    In conclusion, we have to work hard about our education system to become a successful modern European country.

    25 missdianakh  
    0 Spam
    The USSRian proverb says ‘Being a lesbian is worse than being a heavy drinker.’ So, this thesis was very popular and right as for that age. Post-soviet countries are facing many troubles of switching over the minds of older generation’s people. The democratic society has the adverse opinions on many facts and issues. Actually, the problem of fighting for the rights of LGBT people and their equality to straight still exists. However, the newer generations are coming and our generation is less homophobic than our genitor’s one. But, the truth is that the majority of our parents think that being gay is a mental or physical defection. They say that LGBT people are fighting against the nature. On the contrary they just do not know that there are more than 1800 different species of animals which have same-sex love. Sometimes, when people discover that you are not straight, their wills of communication with you steadily decreases.
    But, what is homophobia and disturbance in Ukraine?
    1) When LGBT person is fired as a result of his or her orientation;
    2) When teachers at schools deride the LGBT teens;
    3) When the same-sex couples can not walk along the city holding their hands;
    4) When the parents turn adrift their children after the coming out;
    5) When the LGBT person can be slaughtered and even murdered as a consequence of his or her orientation.
    As a member of the LGBT community I am acquainted with a huge number of acts of homophobia. Nevertheless, I have a hope that this situation will change for the  better.
    Today, Ukraine is moving to the EU society. With the adoptance of the anti-discrimination law it will demonstrate itself as a modern European country. Our government should make a program, which will include such issues:
    1) Some school lections to elucidate the nature of the ‘non-traditional’ orientation to make it ‘traditional’;
    2) Prevent the acts of agression by some social studies and ads;
    3) Teach the LGBT parents to understand their children by psychological trainings and courses;
    4) Create the LGBT rights center in every city;
    5) Make sure, that any of the governmental consignment has a homophobic policy.
    To put it briefly, every step to the LGBT friendly society should be taken.

    28 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    Don't you think that paying too much attention to LGBT might make the problem worse by turning the LGBT people into a special group and, as a result, confirming its 'non-traditional' status?

    26 Catherine_Gaidai  
    0 Spam
    1.I also think that government should make a special recycling center, where it will be possible to make energy out of waste and supply electricity to all our city. Of course, it must be equipped with excessive care and huge attention, because it is really important to keep in safety our environment.

    29 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    That's a perfect idea. Who in the government could be responsible for building the centre?

    Where are technologies of making energy out of  waste well  developed?  How effective are they?

    30 Catherine_Gaidai  
    0 Spam
    I think that this must be a really clever, trustworthy and responsible person from our government, who knows everything about this industry.
    When I was in Vienna(Austria) I saw a special building, which burnt all rubbish from the city and supplied electricity. That was really improbable to see this wonderful building. I couldn't believe my eyes because it has an amazing design, it isn't grey and dark!
    To my mind, it is one of the most effective ways since we will have both waste recycling and power of energy.

    27 MsByzova  
    0 Spam
    " I also think that it has to be an international committee of nuclear energy to control the state of 
    reactors all over the world and cooperate in stopping them"

    Who do you think could be members of the committee and what rights should they have, except controling the state of reactors?

    32 MsByzova  
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