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    Main » 2014 » March » 30 » English Club meeting in 11-B form!))) March 2014
    11:13 PM
    English Club meeting in 11-B form!))) March 2014

    English Club Meeting in 11-B form!!!

    Dear readers,
    I would like to tell you about our club meeting and how we spent it on 20th March.
    That was an amazing shiny day.

    We decided to watch all our videos and remember our different projects, which we made when were younger.
    I remember how we created our videos, how we wrote screenplays and invented games for participants for our Wiki TV Channel.



    It was really breathtaking and funny at the same time.
    I even remember how once I won a balloon and I was shocked because it was not expected.) In this video you can see how I did this

    I remember how Nastiya and Marianna were frequently in the main role as presenters because they had a huge number of really interesting ideas.
    We had most of our projects in 8-9 form but we also took part in 10 form. For example we had a very exciting project about fashion. Everybody chose a style which they wanted to present to public and participate as a model. This is a really colorful and very cognitive video for foreigners, if they want to know something about us and our style in outfit and life

    Actually, we had a lot of fun and pleasant moments and now it is really enjoyable to watch these videos and see how we looked when we were small)

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    Total comments: 11
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    1 MsByzova   [Entry]
    Very creative.

    I have always known that you're very talented!

    specool :respect:

    Here are the first videos))))


    Irregular verbs

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    2 Misha   [Entry]
    I also like our projects.
    I didn't take part in many of them, because I was in a sports camp.
    But I saw all of them and I want to say I'm surprised. These projects were made much time ago, we were quite young and we were shy to make the programme. Basically, nothing has changed!
    Although we are interested in the projects, we are sometimes afraid of the camera. However, we might become stars one day, who knows.
    These are our last weeks of school. And I'm going to miss our lessons!

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    6 MsByzova   [Entry]
    I remember your taking part in competitions
    and how proud we were of your being a champion of Ukraine in rowing.

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    3 Natasha   [Entry]
    Good day!:)I was very pleased to see these projects, which have been made in the last years. I came to this English group only two years ago, so I didn't take part in most of these projects. And I was very surprised when I saw the perfect and creative work!
    And after watching these videos I want to say that the atmosphere is pleasant and pupils are very talented. And I am assured that this work was
    interesting and exciting, because the result of it is excellent. My respect to you! It's fascinating!

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    7 MsByzova   [Entry]
    I enjoyed  your singing at Troyeshchyna Eurovision 2011 Contest and being the 2nd place winner.


    And what a lovely interview with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners was taken  after the contest!)))

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    4 Stasia_Stasia   [Entry]

    What I can add to the previous comments is that we got a lot of fun looking at our old videos and had a good laugh.

    Also, I recalled my attitude to English in the lower grades. Honestly, it wasn’t the best!
    When I was in the 7th grade I was making so many mistakes in written works, and was afraid of speaking English at all. That's why I didn’t really like this subject.

    But when our teacher proposed us to create a website and work in international projects, I was so involved in those projects, that I didn’t notice that my language level had become better and then I started to like it!  specool

    My little story shows that such projects, like Troyeshchyna website, Wiki Land, Wiki TV make children learn language with more pleasure and interest, than just daily work with books and workbooks.

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    8 MsByzova   [Entry]
    You've been  one of the most cteative students. I adore your Wiki TV ideas and playscreens.
    And it's a joy to have read how your attitude to learning English has been changing depending on the variety of projects you've been participating in.

    Self Governing Day seems to have been a unique opportunity to try something different in your life.)))

    Both Ira and you were also fantastic presenters at our site's 1st anniversary party)))

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    5 Ania   [Entry]
    The last lesson before the holidays was fascinating, I got a lot of impressions. Having seeing the work of the students who have been in this group from the first days of studying in the gymnasium, I was pleasantly surprised.
    They have created so many different projects hands and I'm so sorry that I didn't take part in them, because I came to this group only in the tenth grade. However, during these two years I have managed to take part in some projects, it was gripping, I got a new experience and improved my knowledge in English.

    I was very lucky that I'm learning in such a beautiful group where my favorite teacher teaches us and gives us the mysteries of the English language and I'm so sorry that we will finish school and only memories will remain of these wonderful lessons. Nevertheless knowledge which we have gained over these years will be with us the whole life. :)

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    9 MsByzova   [Entry]
    Thank you for the touching words about being one of your favourite teachers.
    I love all my students. To teach  is to touch life forever, as the saying says, and it's true.
    I will definitely remember the time spent with you and will be glad to follow your future progress.

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    10 Tania   [Entry]
    Hi everyone))

    Thank you Kate for doing this article about us, it is really gorgeous)

    I really enjoy the project we are working on. As for me, to perceive the information in this way is much easier and more interesting.

    Sometimes it is not so easy to speak on camera. We feel insecure and don`t know what to say but this type of work is a good experience for the future.

    I want to thank MsByzova for this project which was created and exists. I understand this is a big and difficult job.

    Our lessons are really unusual and very interesting. I will really miss them.
    ps : Fortunately I regained my old account)))

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    11 MsByzova   [Entry]
    It wouldn't be easy for me to support all the branches of the project, but thanks to all of you - my students -  it has been growing rapidly.)))
    Besides, this way of teaching has always given me a lot of pleasure.
    I'm glad you also love it.

    Enjoy your time at school and may your dreams come true.)))

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