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    Main » 2014 » March » 24 » English Club meeting in 10 B, March 2014
    12:29 PM
    English Club meeting in 10 B, March 2014

    The  19 March 2014 English Club Meeting in 10-B class included the following issues:

    • Extinct animals

    • Creative discoveries
    Maximum number of people put in some underpants. In London, November 17, 2011 in some underpants fits 57
    • Saving patriotic traditions
    Some scientists believe that the environment is the foundation of the language.

    People were coping the nature's sounds.

    The climate in Ukraine is mild, moderate
    (which influenced on development of the vocal cords), 
    so the Ukrainian language is soft, melodic, gentle.
    • Inventions and I
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    1 enikbenik   [Entry]

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    2 Dima_Vikhtiuk   [Entry]
    On Wednesday before holidays we had a nice time together talking about our childhood time. 
    The atmosphere was special, because everyone told us about childhood years, that means something for him or her. 
    There also wera other themes. We spoke about extinct animals, such as red pandas, aurochs. If you a really interested in this themes, you can just click on the link.
    I think, it's a great idea to have such meetings at the end of each term, it is a really good ability to relax.

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    3 Lera   [Entry]
    Every time before the holidays we have English club. Always it is something new and interesting. I agree with my classmate Dima that the atmospthere was special. We had a lot of themes. The most interesting for me was when we told abut childhood. All showed their old photos. They were so cute and funny. I felt comporte in our company and I thing it is important too. Also we told about about endangered animals and watched the video with them. One of them you can see in previous comments.
    To sum up , our club mettings are positive completion of study before the holidays. It is good ideal and I am glad that we have it every time already for a long time.
    Valeria Gomeniuk

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    4 Nastasia   [Entry]
    On the eve of the holidays we organize club meetings in English. We discuss different topics that interest us, we express our thoughts, share our experiences. At the last meeting, students brought their baby's photos. We find out a lot about each other. The topic I liked because we mentioned the best moments of ours carefree childhood. We also touched on the subject extinct animals. It is painfully to aware that we have lost them forever. 
    At the same time we need  to talk about it to further prevent it.

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    5 Yehor-Plotnitsky   [Entry]
    It was one of the best English clubs ever. I enjoyed nice videos with pandas, childhood photos of my classmates and funny presentation about creative discoveries. I prepared information about a new Guinness record for our country. I am proud for Ukraine!
    That day we talked a lot and joked. The atmospthere was really special.
    I think, we had a good time!

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    6 Oksana   [Entry]
    I want to thank everyone, and especially Natalia Ivanivna, for this club. I agree with Yehor, it was  one of the most unforgettable clubs.
    I'm sure something everyone likes to remember his childhood, discuss the future (our time capsule) and find unusual world record (maximum number of people put in some underpants).
    Of course we did not forget about the problems of today and discussed the problem of the extinction of animals.
    So I think everyone liked the club and we are waiting for the next one !

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    7 NastiaV   [Entry]
    Hi)Before our spring holidays we had an interesting and cognitive English club. It was unusual for me because all of us chose one of the topics which interests. Someone told about extinct animals, someone about childhood. And I agree with Nastia, on this day we learnt a lot of information about each other.
    As for me, I prepared  information about red panda. It's a very quiet animal, which lives in China. It looks like a cat, but with a black tail and white snout. I was interested in this topic, because they are wery rare and I wanted  people to take care of them.
    I have many positive emotions after our club and I want to repeat it!
    Thanks to my classmates and Nataliya Byzova for a great time)

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    8 olya_khodiuk   [Entry]
    Hello )
    One day Nataliia Ivanivna told us, that the 11th grades had a club meeting, and there they were talking about their childhood and looking through the old photos. But we decided to start this tradition in 10th grade.
    As for me it was very interesting to see how were your friends looking 10-13 years ago.
    But it wasn't the only one topic of ours meeting. Preparing for an English club I found some different facts about our home language.
    In my view it was one of the most exciting English club meeting and I hope that next year we'll have enough time to do it much better )

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    9 Tobi   [Entry]

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    10 Tobi   [Entry]

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    11 Alex3   [Entry]
    Hello!  Every time before holidays we have English club meeting on various topics . Buy this time it was unusual and extraordinarily because we could relax which isn't very often on the lessons in school . We rememberd our beautiful childhood watched our cute and funny photos . Everybody learned new information and different interesting stories . Also we discussed problems of endangered animals and curious records. I think the atmosphere of these meetings won't forget after many years .Thanks everybody for this unbelievable time .

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    12 DaniilChuzhko   [Entry]
    That was a great day !
    I saw photos of my friends in the childhood, it was very interesting and funny!
    I hope we will do same club before summer holidays!
    On your opinion what the next topic will be ?

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