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    Main » 2011 » March » 26 » Attending Oxford Teachers' Club
    2:55 PM
    Attending Oxford Teachers' Club
    Being on holiday I attended Oxford Teachers' Club "Bridging gaps between Secondary and Higher School” session
    organized by Oxford University Press in the International House on 25 March 2011.
    There I also had a wonderful opportunity to leaf new textbooks. One of them is English Plus.
    The idea of the textbook is that "teachers don’t have to go looking for extra material to compromise their course,
    because it’s all there if they need it…I think that rather than just learning English,
    students should be learning something interesting about their world through English”
    (Ben Wets, the author of the textbook).
    If students are getting ready for the exam, Solution OUP textbook offers them exam tips.
    What is more,  Solution workbook contains pages about Ukraine!!!
    The session was presented by Iryna Bogayevska, OUP ELT Consaltant and Teacher Trainer.
    She started with the quotation:
    "Education is what is left after you forget all the things you memorized at school.”(Albert Einstein)
    The Certificate of Attendance which I got after the session says the following:
    "All the students have very different needs…some of them will go to university,
    …some just need them in order to pass the exam, and some will find them useful in everyday life.
    At this session we tried to explore which academic skills would be necessary for life and which would help with the exam.
    Also we looked into how these skills can be developed and what OUP materials might come indispensable".
    I liked the session and hope to implement its ideas in my school work.
    It was pleasant to meet other  teachers.
    I made friends with Ms Prymak from Intellect Lyceum where students are lucky to have 12 hours of English a week.
    Intellect Lyceum students spend 2 weeks studying in England every year.  It costs them 1000 pounds to study and go on excursions.
    They also pay for the air flight to Britain and back and for visas.
    Not cheap but interesting and both useful and entertaining.
    Our students can join Ms Prymak's group of students and study in Britain this summer if they wish and can afford the expenses.
    Ms Prymak gave her love to Ms Pikush, whose friend she turned out to be.
    I am thankful to Iryna Bogayevska for the session
    My motto is going to be the following:
    "If we teach students everything we know, their knowledge is limited to ours.
    If we teach students to think, their knowledge is limitless” (Michael Baker, President of critical thinking association)
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    1 MsByzova  
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    Today I got a letter from OUP ELT Consaltant Iryna Bogayevska,

    which says the following:

    От кого Ирина Богаевская
    Кому 'Бызова Наталия'
    A A
    A A28 березня 2011 о 12:58

    Dear Natalia,

    Thanks a lot for your letter, photos and information on the site. We really do appreciate your faithfulness to Oxford University Press, enthusiasm and creativity in everything you do.

    Looking forward to our future cooperation and interesting meetings.

    Best wishes,


    2 MsPikush  
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    Thank you, Natalia for being so active and enthusiastic! I like your motto, because to my mind we shouldn't "catch fish for pupils we should teach them to catch it."
    Hi, YEVDOKIA! Glad to hear from you! Pleased you remember me!

    4 MsByzova  
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    This is where Ms Prymak's pupils are going to study English for 2 weeks this summer.

    3 MsPikush  
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    5 Anusishok  
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    Very interesting information.
    There's so many different books. smile smile smile

    6 Oleksiy  
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    It is very interesting

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