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    Main » 2011 » December » 2 » A special guest on the English lesson
    9:22 PM
    A special guest on the English lesson
    Today we have had an unusual lesson.
    The American teacher Russell Wright came to us , and we were  having fun asking him about animals and his life...
    Of course we asked  him about our theme: animals, and wild animals.
    He told  us a lot of interesting things. Russell lives in  Michigan, and he loves to look at the hammerhead shark.
    He has a dog and also he likes to look at the lions... He also wants to be one of them)
    Russell is living in Kyiv now. His favourite place is his flat..)

    I've loved to listen to  real American English,
    and this lesson I will never forget.
    Freelance journalist Zhenia Zayets.
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    1 MsByzova  
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    Well done, Zhenia!

    I have also enjoyed today's lessons with Russell Wright.

    Before your lesson, Russell Wright had already met with the students of the 7th and 8th forms.

    I hope our students will be even more enthusiastic about learning English now.)))

    This is my second meeting with Russell Wright.
    Russell Wright came to our Gymnasiun for the first time in September and met with the sudents of the 9th form then.

    2 Olya Khodiuk  
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    To my mind it was the most interesting and the most cognitive lesson, because my group and group of 7formers heard English alive!

    We were talking about wild animals, dangerous ones, pets and others. Mr. Russell told a lot of dangerous and funny stories from his life.

    So, I'd like to tell you one of them.
    A few years ago, our guest couldn't swim. But his wife could swim very well.

    So she helps him to swim far in ocean. They are happy, but suddenly something strange happens. Russell's wife goes to a coast and leaves her husband one alone.

    He was frightened so he didn't remember how he went back to the coast.

    After that Russell asked us: so why did his wife leave him in the ocean? All of the students thought, that the woman wanted to teach him in such a way.
    But we made a mistake. Mr. Russell's answer was short: she just saw a shark!


    3 MsByzova  
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    Olya, your piece of news is very interesting.
    Well done! cool biggrin

    4 Dima Vikhtiuk  
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    It is fantastic to speak with people who live in the English speaking world.

    We could do it on Friday the 2nd December. An American Russull Wright told a lot of interesting things.
    He is a very funny and kind human. He loves fishing. Although he is very interested in fishing he has never fished in Kyiv.
    I like fishing too. I have caught a lot of fish this year. The weight of the biggest fish which he has caught is 8 kilograms.

    He has been living in Kyiv for 4 years. He likes roller coasters very much! There are roller coasters in Kyiv but American roller coasters are better than ours.

    Russell Wright loves celebrating Halloween! He loves all sorts of frightening things. He loves extreem.

    He cannot speak the Ukrainian language but he can speak some Russian language. He loves Kyiv. Kyiv has become the second home for him!


    5 MsByzova  
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    Very good of you Dima.
    You have managed to add a nice story to Zhenia's review of the lesson.
    Why not post it in 8-B's blog as well?B) biggrin

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