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    Main » 2013 » January » 24 » 9 grade 'know all' competition
    11:30 AM
    9 grade 'know all' competition

    Yesterday we had a special competition with another group of our 9a class.
    It was dedicated to English days in our gymnasium. I think, it was an exciting event!

    We were divided into two teams. Every pupil, who entered the classroom, said a number.
    So we had two teams ‘even’ and ‘uneven’.

    We had different tasks from our Solutions MultiROM.
    The teams could discuss their thoughts about exercises.
    Then one student from each team came to the screen and without hints did those exercises.
    We all tried to be that 'student'.

    Eventually ‘even’ won with the score 36:35.
    We all had a great time !

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    1 Марта  
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    We also had alike competition yesterday in our 9 B class.
    It wasn't a serious competition, just a funny English lesson with the students from Tetiana Dmytrivna's group.
    We were devided into two teams as well.
    There was a special program which devided students (Random).
    We did some grammar exercises on MultiROM.
    Then we relaxed for about 5 minutes wathching Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er boy".
    After that we did MultiROM exercises again.
    Finally, 'even' and 'uneven' finished with a draw result.

    Posted by Diana Khrustaliova

    2 Tobi  
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    Yesterday our 9v class had a funny competition with Natalia Mozgova's group.
    We were devided in two teams "even" and "uneven". We mixed two groups.
    First we did some grammar exercises of the first unit on MultiRom.
    After that we watched "Skater boy". Then we did exercises of the second and third units. Then we watched pumpkin grammar during break time.

    Overall all chirldren liked the competition because the result was a draw.


    Posted by Yura Shavrov and Nikita Frank.

    3 MsByzova  
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    Thank you to all for being active during the contest!!!
    The teachers Ms Pikush, Ms Mozgova, Ms Bulakh and I had a lot of fun! biggrin

    Good luck in learning English.

    Ms Byzova

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